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Pierre LeBrun and John Shannon both saying Bond Sale Progressing

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Several Winnipeg twitterers were in a tizzy over a tweet by Sportnet's John Shannon that reported that he was hearing that there was some lightening in the bond market and that that was creating some "positive vibes" in Glendale about the City's bonds getting sold. both he and Coyotes play by play man Dave Strader who retweeted it got flack from our Manitoban friends since such a far-fetched report couldn't be true. 

However, just a few minutes ago on Hockey Night in Canada's intermission Hockey Hotstove Pierre Lebrun pretty much said the same thing. With the bond market in general showing improvement it seems as though they've lined up some investors to purchase said bonds. LeBrun described it that there was "Cautious Optimism" that the bonds would be sold soon. 

What does that mean for the Goldwater Institute and their claims? No one is really sure. They could still have some say in this if Darcy Olsen isn't busy getting her name out there for a run for Congress (just guessing). 

Hey at least there's some measure of good news, even if just a little, for Coyotes fans out there tonight after one long week of crap.