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An open letter to the Program Director at KPNX channel 12

Mark Casey,
VP And Program Director


Mr Casey,

As you know Brahm Resnik, is having Darcy Olsen from the Goldwater Institute on this Sunday's Square Off program. Brahm was taking questions about the Coyotes on his twitter account, these questions may or may not be screened by you or someone on your staff. My concern about this is that both Mr. Resnik and Mrs. Olsen are both proponents of the failure of the bond sale in the City of Glendale, Both for very different reasons. As you know Brahm was born in Canada and is very outspoken on the subject of hockey in non traditional markets. Darcy and the Goldwater Institute on the other hand has issue with the sale of the bonds from a state constitutional standpoint. So effectively there are two "Points" and no "Counterpoint" to argue the other side of the issue. The side that has a $500+ million impact on the west valley, the side that sees hundreds of people lose their jobs, or the side that sees a beleaguered fan base lose the thing they love so dear, their beloved Coyotes. A poll shown by your sister media outlet AZcentral showed 68% of  their readers oppose the Goldwater Institutes involvement in the transaction. Please consider what I have said here


Ben Shroyer

Staff Writer

Five For Howling