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Scottie Upshall Takes To Twitter In Support of Coyotes

As many readers likely already know Coyotes forward Scottie Upshall, tired of hearing garbage about the Coyotes ownership situation took to twitter in support of Phoenix, hockey in the desert and the team staying in the City of Glendale. Following a team dinner with hopefully soon-to-be-owner Matthew Hulsizer and his wife Scottie had this to say:

Thx 2 matt and jenny  4 dinner tonight. They're both very passionate 4 this team. Goldwater, back off losers.

More than a few Coyotes fans called for "Hell No We Won't Go!" to be the new "Let's Go Coyotes at the remaining homegames until this is wrapped up. I'm with that. What I do like about this is that the team as a whole have said next to nothing throughout this whole thing. Captain Shane Doan has repeatedly said Phoenix is a great place and that hockey can work here, but about the deal itself the room has generally taken a wait and see approach and not even mentioned it. Now Scottie comes out and calls GWI losers? Big ups. 

More tweets after the jump:

Glendale deserves us still. We appreciate our fans here and know we can do big things in Phx with the right support. No offense to the peg

But it'll only work w/ an owner who has love for our game. That's what matt brings. Glendale and the yotes deserve that for once.

Isn't this pretty much what Coyote fans have been saying since day one? It's nice to have a player say it. Especially one that seems to have a fan following from the league and not just here. He followed all this up with an interview with Todd Walsh in which he goes even more into what he was trying to say. It sounds like he, and some others are tired of staying quiet as article after article, true or (usually) not true about how the deal is progressing. And good for them. While. We'll just worry about hockey" worked last year at this point they should be ticked. Use that frustration to go win some games and shut some trolls up. The amount of just stupid drivel thrown his way following those tweets is rediculous. Do a twitter search and you can see more than a few. Most of them just calling him names and being uninformed, but I guess that's social media these days. Don't agree with someone? Be an internet tough guy and call people names you never would in person. Todd Walsh was getting it too just for supporting the team. I don't pretend that those types are representative of "Jets" fans in general but it sure doesn't make me sypathetic to their "plight".

Scottie Upshall w/ Todd Walsh (Listen to it!)