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Coyotes Win Streak Ends at 8 in 8-3 Loss to Lightning

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Yes you read that right. The Coyotes fell to the Lightning 8-3 last night. A brutal loss to a good team that the Coyotes made look even better. It didn't help that we were without several players due to injury and gave Ilya Bryzgalov a rest after 18 straight games. I'm trying to put this in perspective, but I guess the good things I can take away from this are that they were getting shutout for most of the game but at least came back to score a few goals. 

Unfortunately the loss sets the Coyotes back to 2nd in the Pacific as the lousy Penguins couldn't find a way to take down the Sharks. Anyone else worried about how much those three late season games will mean for the Division title?

At this point you, like I have probably stopped looking into why this happened and are trying to repress this game and move on much like the team. In fact that's what Coach Dave Tippett recommended after the game Audio courtesy of Todd Walsh (@walshtodd)