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Five for Howling Roundtable: Nearing the Deadline


Good afternoon, Phoenix Coyotes fans.  Welcome back for another edition of the Five For Howling Roundtable.  Our special guest for this week's Roundtable is Amy Jo Green AKA Yotesgurl.  Yotesgurl's work can be found at her blog, The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes, as well at The Fourth Period. You also follow her on Twitter. In this week's roundtable we look at issues surrounding the trade deadline and ideas for future Coyotes promotional nights.

With some trades happening already, and GMDM being a known wheeler & dealer,  do you see GMDM making any other moves before the deadline?

AJ: I can see us getting a second or third line winger who can pot some goals.  I was pretty worried about Vrbata being dealt when he went through that long dry spell, but thankfully he's warmed up as of late.  With Stempniak being so streaky, we probably still will need some offensive help at the deadline.  On the defensive side, Tippett needs to piss or get off the pot in regards to our third pairing.  If Schlemko is dead and Tippett trusts OEL so little, we may need a serviceable Dman to round out the depth of the D.  

Jordan: I think we'll see GMDM dip his toes in for another move or two. I'm sure he'd like to add a good goal scorer to round out some of the offensive depth. The problem is that on a team of muckers and grinders where any given game sees someone else contributing, I'm not sure who I am looking to get out of the line-up. As we move down the stretch, I'm guessing we will see less Bissonnette, but I'd hope that it was at the expense of more Boedker and Turris, personally. If the team keeps winning, though, I'd say it's less likely we see a move. 

Carl:  Possibly.  I expect he'll look to see if he can find value at a forward position, especially for depth in case of injuries. He could also make a minor move or two involving minor league players. The lack of an owner probably precludes any big name move. 

Travis: He's good at the wheeling and dealing but it all hinges on two things. First if the sale of the team can be finalized since there's not much room in the budget and second how the team preforms up to the deadline. If the team is still winning there's not a whole lot of point trading away assets to get another player. Why mess with a good thing you know? At the same time if anyone goes down between now and then GMDM will know where to go to get a guy. We're already sending scouts to the Rangers games so that connection might be a go to again. 

Who are the Coyotes players you would put on a no-trade list and who are a couple people that you would be open to dealing if they brought back decent return?

AJ: Doan can't go anywhere, he's the face of a faceless franchise.  We all know that Hanzal, Korpikoski, Tikhonov and OEL are on my safe list, along with Yandle.  Everyone else is expendable.  If we know that we won't be able to re-sign him, Bryz can probably bring us the biggest return..... the Caps have Neuvirth and the Kings have Bernier as backups that could be starters that could be paired with a good player.  Someone take Jovo.... PLEASE!  He's been hurt and his production is down this season and I'm inclined to not even try to re-sign him in the offseason at a hometown discount with OEL, Goncharov, and Gormley in the pipeline, so we may as well get something for him.  

Carl:  I would never say anyone should ever be untradeable, but I think those who are close for this team would be Yandle, Hanzal, and Bryz.  I'd be open to dealing Jovo, Biz, Belanger, and Lepisto.  Not to say I wouldn't be open to trading anyone else, but those four are expendable for various reasons.  Of course, you wouldn't get much for any of them alone.

Jordan: No Trade: Turris, Boedker, Doan, OEL, Yandle, Bryz. That's my whole list, everyone else can be had depending on the return offered. There are great players like Fiddler, Hanzal, Korpikoski, Whitney, etc. that I'd be more anxious if they were moved, but if the right deal is offered, I think very few players should be off the table.

Travis: Off Limits: Turris, Doan, Boedker, Yandle, Bryz, OEL, Whitney, Vrbata, Hanzal, Upshall. Only for a good return: Korpikoski, Pyatt, Fiddler, Jovanovski, Morris, Bissonnette. For sale: Rozsival, Schlemko, Lepisto, Belanger, Ebbett. Some of those off limits players are simply because the Coyotes want a real playoff run this year and breaking up some of those pairings could really sink the ship. Whitney-Vrbata have been excellent. The middle section are guys we could get a nice return on. Korpi and Pyatt aren't guys I'd want to lose, but both could be in a "sell high" kind of position where the return would be big. 

What do you see as GMDM's most successful trade and what trade are you least impressed with?

AJ: GMDM getting Upshall AND a second rd pick for Carcillo was the fleecing of the century.  Idiots.  I don't know that bringing Dmo back from Boston and signing him for that length of contract was a good move.... even for just a pick.  

Carl: Radim Vrbata for Kevyn Adams was his most successful trade.  Even though Vrby eventually left he contributed immensely to the team and probably wouldn't have come back as a free agent if he hadn't been here before.  Kevyn Adams whom he was traded for played less than 30 games for the Blackhawks and retired after being cut by the team.  His trades have been successful enough that there hasn't been a stinker so far.  Even though Jokinen mistake he quickly turned around by dealing him to Calgary in a deal that brought Matthew Lombardi to the Coyotes.

JordanLee Stempniak for Matt Jones and a pick. Even though Stempniak faded in the playoffs and hasn't been able to sustain a great pace this year, Jones was a complete wash and the Desert Ninja's play in all three zones has been pretty impressive all year, regardless of his point production. I was/am a HUGE Keith Ballard fan (injuring Vokoun notwithstanding), and considering how poorly the Olli Jokinen era went, I wish we had just held on to Ballard and Boynton instead of making that trade.

Travis: Olli Jokinen to Calgary for a first and Matthew Lombardi was a nice one. We sent a huge contract away and got a good center and a pick that turned into Brandon Gormley. And now we don't have some pale freaky looking guy being a jerk to people. I'm not sure there was a bad trade. Jordan outlines the Ballard one to get Olli in the first place, Ballard likely wouldn't have re-signed here so it was a get something while we can kind of deal. 

With tonight's Valentine's Day diamond fan promo getting national press coverage and the success of the Buck Bash & "Wearable Blanket" *coughSNUGGIEcough*promotions, what are some promos or giveaways that you would like to see the Coyotes do in the future? 

AJ: The buck bash really speaks to how overpriced the concessions are and how it impacts attendance.  It also worries me about the impact that parking fees will have.  Eeek.  I think it would be cool if they did something like Tampa Bay where you get a jersey with a microchip in it that tracked when you were in the building and then gives you discounts.  We could even have giveaways for 20th game you attend in the season or the 30th?  Blankets are always good giveaways.  I'm sick to death of t-shirts that no one really wears.  The Coyotes gloves were good..... maybe Coyote winter hats?  Car decals would be cool!    The We Win, You Win ticket deal last year was a smoking deal for the non-season ticket holders.

Carl:  I would love to see the Coyotes do another McFarlane figure giveaway like they did with the Bobby Hull one a number of years ago.

Jordan: I think continuing the Buck Bash for weekday games is a great idea to get fans in the building. I would like to see them bring back the "We Win, You Win" promotion even though it doesn't bring in tickets for the later game. I'm very excited about Ilya Bryzgalov bobblehead night as well. I think they are doing a good job with the promotions this year - there have been a decent number and they have been quality stuff. Howler dolls for kids would be a good idea for one - maybe pair that with Build-a-Bear or something...

Travis: My favorite giveaways are things you can use instead of leaving on a shelf. Things like pens, watches or keychains. They may not always be of amazing quality since they're just cheap giveaways, but it's at least useful and something you can keep around all the time with the team logo on it. I get really tired of t-shirts as I just had to cull the drawer of them I have down to two or three I actually wear.