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The Five For Howling Roundtable: A Few Of Our Favorite Hockey Things

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Greetings Phoenix Coyotes fans. This week, in honor of the holiday season, the FFH staff lists a number of their favorite (and least favorite) things revolving around the world of puck. Feel free to list your own in the comments section.

Travis Hair - Managing Editor

Favorite Current Coyote: Shane Doan/ Ray Whitney/Radim Vrbata

Favorite All-Time Coyote: Shane Doan

Jamison or Reinsdorf: Shane Doan? Jamison.

Favorite Current NHL Player: Shane Doan

Favorite All-Time NHL Player: Shane Doan

Favorite NHL Rule: Offsides

Least Favorite NHL Rule: Touch icing, The fact that guys never get called for only a dive but co-incidental penalties.

Favorite Hockey Cliche: He went high, top shelf, where momma hides the cookies.

Least Favorite Hockey Cliche: "(Goalie) is gonna want that one back" or anything uttered by Doc Emrick.

First Hockey Memory: Watching the Phoenix Roadrunners at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum.

Favorite Hockey Memory: Playoffs!!! Throw the Snake.

Most Prized Hockey Related Possession
: My hockey gloves. I dunno why really.

Guilty Hockey Pleasure: I don't really have one. I only really watch the Coyotes so... no idea.

Hockey Item You Would Love To Get For The Holidays (Stanley Cup doesn't count): Need a third jersey. Doan on the back maybe?

Jordan Ellel - Associate Editor

Favorite Current Coyote: Keith Yandle - legitimate superstar puck-moving defenseman in the mold of my favorite all-time player...

Favorite All-Time Coyote: Keith Ballard - I was a little late to the Coyotes part (moving here in 2005), and while I love guys like Tkachuk, Roenick and Numminen, and I do love Shane Doan, Ballard was my favorite from his first days with the team. Savvy defensively and just abusive with those hip checks, he also seemed like the most entertaining guy in the locker room. One of many downsides of the Jokinen trade was losing Bally, and unfortunately, I feel like his play also suffered for it.

Jamison or Reinsdorf: Jamison, only because I think he actually cares about hockey and I've heard Reinsdorf is a cheap bastard. But truly, as long as one of them steps up and buys the team, I'll be fine with it.

Favorite Current NHL Player: Claude Giroux - kid is just a stud.

Favorite All-Time NHL Player: Brian Leetch - my absolute idol growing up, first American born player to win the Conn Smythe on that magical 1994 team.

Favorite NHL Rule: No change on an icing - love this adjustment they made a few years back as it really forces teams to move the puck up ice and awards a team for keeping sustained pressure in the offensive zone.

Least Favorite NHL Rule: Delay of Game (puck over glass) - so stupid.

Favorite Hockey Cliche: "Good things happen when you put the puck on net." Although it's certainly not always true, it is something that at times I wish the Coyotes would remember to do more often.

Least Favorite Hockey Cliche: "Active stick" - it's not like these guys just sit around and hold it completely stationary, but when it happens to get in the way of a pass it is great and when it swings the other way and misses it, the player has no hockey sense; completely arbitrary.

First Hockey Memory: Heading to the Nassau Coliseum to see the Rangers play the Islanders with my temple, I think, back in 1985 or so. Pat LaFontaine scored two goals and nearly had a hat trick from what I can recall.

Favorite Hockey Memory: 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 7, Leetch scores the first goal towards the end of the first period. 1940 was about to become a thing of ancient history and it was wondrous...damn Sather and his making me despise the Rangers!

Most Prized Hockey Related Possession: The practice puck that Dave King flipped to Zoey during the rookie camp this year. There's nothing special about the puck itself, but Zoey thinks that it is the greatest thing ever and carries it around with her all the time, which is simply awesome.

Guilty Hockey Pleasure: Watching Pavel Datsyuk and enjoying how he lights up the opposition. (I suppose now that Mike Richards is on the Kings, I can say that they are also a guilty pleasure to cheer for).

Hockey Item You Would Love To Get For The Holidays (Stanley Cup doesn't count): Claude Giroux Winter Classic jersey with the "A" in the keystone on it. But I'll settle for another winter classic shirsey and other assorted goodies.

Carl Putnam - Associate Editor

Favorite Current Coyote: Radim Vrbata

Favorite All-Time Coyote: Jeremy Roenick

Jamison or Reinsdorf: Jamison

Favorite Current NHL Player: Pavel Datsyuk

Favorite All-Time NHL Player: Rod Langway

Favorite NHL Rule: Rule 31.2 - Intent To Blow.

Least Favorite NHL Rule: Rule 1.8 - The Trapezoid.

Favorite Hockey Cliche: "(Insert name here) went top shelf."

Least Favorite Hockey Cliche: "You don't want to give up a soft goal here." (Do you ever?!?!)

First Hockey Memory: St. Louis Blues vs. Washington Capitals game in 1982.

Favorite Hockey Memory: Dale Hunter's Game 7 winner against Ron Hextall in 1988 playoffs.

Most Prized Hockey Related Possession
: Rod Langway signed puck

Guilty Hockey Pleasure: NHL '95

Hockey Item You Would Love To Get For The Holidays (Stanley Cup doesn't count): An owner for the Coyotes.

Ben Shroyer - Contributor

Favorite Current Coyote: Ray Whitney

Favorite All-Time Coyote: Shane Doan

Jamison or Reinsdorf: Jamison

Favorite Current NHL Player: Steven Stamkos

Favorite All-Time NHL Player: Maurice "The Rocket" Richard

Favorite NHL Rule: Slew-footing

Least Favorite NHL Rule: Icing, rather the current implementation of the rule. I'm all in favor of the 'hybrid' no-touch icing.

Favorite Hockey Cliche: I hate them all.

Least Favorite Hockey Cliche: That was a goal-scorer's goal.

First Hockey Memory: Watching the Roadrunners hockey at the Coliseum.

Favorite Hockey Memory: Seeing Patrick Roy lose his mind on a Krys Kolanos penalty shot in person.

Most Prized Hockey Related Possession: My Shane Doan autographed 3rd Jersey.

Guilty Hockey Pleasure: Leaving the NHL Network on the TV all the time (much to my wife's chagrin).

Hockey Item You Would Love To Get For The Holidays (Stanley Cup doesn't count): A red authentic Coyotes sweater.