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FFH is Looking for More Staff Writers!

Maybe I should give up goaltending and just blog...
Maybe I should give up goaltending and just blog...

Have you ever wanted to become a part of the fast growing and exciting Coyotes blogging industry? I know it seems glamorous and all what with our piles of internet money and fast cars, but really it's nothing at all like that. It takes a few things. A computer, some excitement about the Coyotes and some source of caffeine. Sound fun? Well then keep reading for how to become a part of the team!

So what positions are we looking to fill? Well we wouldn't mind adding AT LEAST 1 more person to help with links AND 1 more to help with regular everyday content (ESPECIALLY RECAPS AND PREVIEWS). However If more than 2 people apply we'll add as many qualified applicants as we can find.

Here's basically what we're looking for people do do to see if they've got what we're looking for and to see if they actually want to do it. Basically start writing. Come up with a few (at least 3) topics you'd like to read/write about and then create a Fanpost out of each one. They don't need to be all on the same day. They don't need to be huge pieces of literature stacked with citations and stats. They don't need to be fancy. What they SHOULD be are interesting to read, well thought out and grammatically correct. They should also probably be a couple paragraphs long at least so that it makes a bigger statement than "I <3 Shane Doan". While accurate and something to relate to, needs something more. Basically if you find it interesting we probably will too and you should write it. Also, just so I know that you're interested shoot me an email saying that this is what you're writing them for.