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Phoenix Coyotes Sign Martin Hanzal to 5 Year Contract Extension.

The Phoenix Coyotes announced today that they have signed center Martin Hanzal to a 5 year, reportedly 15.5 million dollar, contract extension. The big center has been a key part of the Coyotes over the past few seasons especially when it comes to playing the defensive role up front. His line is continually paired up against the top line of the opposition and the Sharks especially have no love for him as he's frequently frustrated Joe Thornton. It's also nice not to have to worry about him getting to free agency for quite some time. He certainly could have gotten more a couple seasons down the road, but Don Maloney again made a magical signing. 

With both he and Keith Yandle getting deals the team has done a good job of getting the most promising of the youth locked up for quite a while into the future. Maybe Kyle Turris should take a look at this deal and reevaluate exactly how much he's worth though, because at this point Hanzal is miles ahead and has put in the work to get this contract.