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Making Five For Howling Your Phoenix Coyotes Community

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Well, this might only reach the very limited audience of my Twitter followers and the folks that swing on by every day (Timmy, Chad, MDO, etc.), but hopefully even those few will give this a bit of thought in the future. Carl wrote a story during the offseason about the Coyotes maybe needing a fan group or support club, or something along those lines. While I think that's a good idea, I think something that could help as well, is an online community. The good news is, there's already one right here on this very page you're reading.

The Coyotes have a phenomenal online presence - between the best hockey Twitter personality in the NHL, a media relations group that makes good use of social media and at least a few thriving Facebook pages. Here's the problem with most of them; they can be a bit hard to follow and make you feel a part of the discussion. Hence, the good folks at SB Nation have created a platform that is not only easy to use and easy to follow, but they let you take command of the conversation and say your piece.

I don't have a ton of people I follow on Twitter (only about 450), and yet my timeline goes through over 100 tweets per 15 minutes or so. Between real life, my job, watching Coyotes games and writing for the site, I'd say I miss just about 85% of everything anyone tweets. Now is Twitter still a wonderful source for breaking news and conversation. Yeah, especially on the go. However, during the next three days before the game in Nashville, I don't think I can have a twitter discussion regarding the need to improve the 5-on-5 play for the Coyotes and get more ice time for Raffi Torres and Mikkel Boedker.

I know that many of you have places you go for your news (maybe even here for the Daily Tracks), but the next time you want to debate whether GMDM should trade Kyle Turris or whether they should just give Shane Doan a blank check and tell him that however long he wants to play and whatever he wants to get paid, they'll do it...why not make a FanPost? That way when I (and the other folks that are at work all day missing your tweets) get home, we can read, comment and continue the discussion. And you'd be amazed at how much fun it can be to talk about hockey in more than 140 characters at a time.

If there's anything we at Five For Howling can do to make your experience at the site more enjoyable, let us know - we aim to please. But most important, we are aiming to create the best possible site for you to come and discuss the Coyotes and experience a great community. So come back, comment or write a FanPost; I promise you that it'll make your enjoyment of the Coyotes that much greater.