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Late Holiday Gift For The Coyotes Fan Out There

My Coyotes Flip Cam with standard credit card for size comparisons - very small,as you can see.
My Coyotes Flip Cam with standard credit card for size comparisons - very small,as you can see.

So, if you're anything like me, there's probably one or two folks that you completely whiffed on for a holiday gift this year...or maybe there is just a group of folks that you are exchanging gifts with at a later date, or a loved one's birthday is conveniently located just after the holidays. In that case, there's a perfect gift out there for your favorite Coyotes fan - the customized Coyotes Flip Video camera.

The good folks at Flip Video were kind enough to send me a Coyote Flip camera to review and I must say, this is an excellent product. The styling, as seen on the above-linked page and the picture at the top resembles the Coyotes home sweaters and makes this camera stand out right away. It is also small enough (as seen above, barely larger than a credit card) that it fits easily into your pocket for on-the-go filming without any hassle.

As far as ease of use, it couldn't get much easier as there is a clear LCD screen that shows what you are filming, an easy to use (albeit limited) zoom feature, and ability to playback videos right from your device. In addition, uploading videos from your device to your computer or YouTube is made simple using the FlipShare software that installs automatically from the camera. The camera itself has a pop-out USB port that plugs directly into the computer - it's pretty ridiculously simple, even for the techno-phobes amongst your friends and family.

The quality of the videos, as seen below the jump is pretty impressive as well. In fact, there are only three criticisms that I have of the camera. First, as I mentioned earlier, the limited zoom feature - you can get a bit closer to everything, but not much. When I was trying to get decent footage at the Glendale City Council meeting from my seat, this became a minor issue. Second, the camera doesn't have variable settings for its video quality. While this makes it convenient to know that you have exactly a certain amount of time to record on the internal memory, it doesn't allow you to record at a lower quality in order to record longer without uploading some videos off of it. Which brings me to my final criticism - the memory is internal and cannot be supplemented by a larger memory stick. For the version I have, you get one hour of video and not a second longer, so you need to make sure you use it wisely and clear off the video when you are getting towards full.

Here's some video recorded from our seats in the second level during the mites game on December 11, 2010 - Ray Whitney's kid was on the ice, but I don't believe he is the one that laid out this vicious open ice check...



Here is some video that has been posted here previously that I was able to capture after the game against the Los Angeles Kings - hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of these types of videos here in the future.

Post Game Media Scrums with Shane Doan and Scottie Upshall:





And here is a quick video taken from ice level while the Coyotes hit the ice for warm-ups:



As you can see, this product, for being so mobile, takes great videos and with its sharp styling it is sure to turn heads among your friends, all at a pretty reasonable price.