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Interview with Phoenix Coyotes V.P. Jim Brewer

On Thursday night, prior to the Phoenix Coyotes game against the Toronto Maples Leafs, I was able to sit down and talk with Jim Brewer, the team's Vice President of Marketing & Communications.  Jim started working for the Coyotes this past August.  While he is new to the franchise, he is not new to the Valley. He grew up in Arizona, attended Arizona State University, and spent fifteen years working for the Phoenix Suns. 

In the interview, Jim speaks about his views on a number of topics.  I ask him for his views about the Phoenix sports marketplace, how the economic recession has affected the team, drawing fans from the East Valley, the goal song issue, and the use of social media.  In addition, Jim gives Five For Howling an exclusive scoop on an upcoming promotion for the Coyotes game on April 1st.

Click on the link below to listen to the interview.

Jim Brewer on 1.13.2011

For more about Jim's background, check out his bio on the Coyotes website  You can also follow Jim on Twitter.