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Best Trade Ever: Lee Stempniak for... Not Much

***Dateline: March 4, 2010***

In an effort to bolster a weak forward Corps and push for the playoffs, Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney reaches out to old buddy Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs to see what's available. Lee Stempniak has underperformed for the Leafs and has an expiring contract. Having only 13 goals and 14 assists in his 63 games with the Maple Leafs and expected to be much more Burke accepts injured defenseman Matt Jones as well as a 4th round and 7th round draft picks in 2010 (both packaged to get better picks from other teams at the draft).

Immediately after joining the upstart Desert Dogs Stempniak went on a scoring rampage. In the remaining 18 games of the season he scores another 14 goals and adds 4 helpers to help the Coyotes push all the way to 4th in the Western Conference. All for a guy that wil never play again and draft picks likely to turn into... well, not much.

What does the future hold for Lee? Who knows? This season he's worked hard, but hasn't found the net with any real frequency. He did score a nifty breakaway goal against the St. Louis Blues (his other former team). Hopefully that tally opens up the floodgates, especially with his first game against his former team tomorrow.

With all that being said how awesome was that trade and the goals he scored? How much do you love Lee Stempniak? Add your thoughts in the comments. Unless you're a Leafs fan looking to be mean to Lee. Not cool!