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Fans Split on Kyle Turris vs. Kyle Wellwood

Big stupid face or sweet hands? Coyotes fans are divided.
Big stupid face or sweet hands? Coyotes fans are divided.

The vast majority of the cuts have been made by the Coyotes to get down to the required 23 players. 25 remain in camp and we know there will be one cut on defense. The last remaining real battle is at center between Kyle Turris and Kyle Wellwood. The fans are split on who to support. I hear a lot of things from fans about how Wellwood has played well and could really help the power play. The flip side is that he's really slow and that we have to deal with all the Wellwood is fat jokes.

On the flip side Kyle Turris has grown into a bigger frame and looks like an NHL player. He's got speed to spare and goes to the dangerous places on the ice. Down sides, he's still getting pushed around a lot and can't take that abuse forever. He'll have help from linemates, but needs to be able to hold his own a little better. He also has some issues dishing out the hits because he's just a bit smaller.

For most fans it seems to come down to a Turris is our young guy and playing well vs. Kyle Wellwood being a former Leaf, Canuck and fat joke. And the flipside of Wellwood having experience and Turris still being a smallish young guy.

I wanted to find out what some individuals thought and what the hockey universe though in general some of the Collected thoughts after the jump.

The Pro Wellwood Crowd:

Wellwood should be part of the Coyotes because he was great for the Canucks in the playoffs. He's talented at faceoffs and does this fun kick thing with his skate to win them. Vigneault taught him how to play defence which Tippet will love. He's allergic to penalties. Welly can use his magic mittens to score for you in the shootout. And he likes to read so he'll keep your dressing room educated!

-Alix Wright (@alixiswright) of Canucks Hockey Blog

I actually watched wellwood play for the Marlies (leafs underdog team) before he made it into the NHL. He was being watched pretty closely back then - as he was just awesome. Wellwood OWNS!

-James Fox (@foxtrot30)

Kyle Wellwood is a player with something to prove which makes him a potential lethal weapon. The man has speed and skill. People are only hating on him because they feel a sense of dedication to Turris or they got too caught up in the ridiculous "Wellwood is fat" crap. Ultimately, it comes down to having faith in your team, and faith in the staff that will make your team excel. People need to stop focusing on individual players and focus on what's best for the team as a whole.

-Ashley Hedley (@CanadaYotesFan)

The Middle Crowd:

Turris is young and has tremendous upside, offensively, and can still be molded with more nurturing into an elite player. Nothing but positives around Turris at this point.

Wellwood... well, he's got great play making skills, but he's got a bit of a chequered past, which one cannot simply dismiss. Vigneault had issues with him for valid reason reason, certainly. Maybe it was personality clash w the coach, but there was definitely a lack of discipline in being physically ready (you've seen the pictures)...inconsistency is a concern. New scenery and getting him on the cheap would be a very good thing - (but only if he's on the cheap....he could be a bit of a project) - I think he has to prove himself, and be consistent.

-Dave Stuart (@davidstuart)

The Pro Turris Kids:

There are a number of reasons that I see for the Coyotes keeping Kyle Turris at the NHL over Kyle Wellwood. Firstly, this is a blue chip prospect who has already achieved success in the AHL, sending him down will just be a repeat for him which doesn't exactly make sense for someone you want to take it to the next level. Next is the fact that Turris has been putting up points in pre season. Finally you have the logistics of contracts, at the moment Wellwood does not have a contract (playing on a tryout) what is the point of picking up a new contract when there is as good a player available already in the organization?

Jonathan Court (@Gollybass)

When looking at short-term and long-term solutions for the Coyotes, the both instances, the man for the job is Kyle Turris. This pre-season Turris has shown his ability to score himself and has made good decisions on the ice. He's bigger. He's badder (ok that's a lie, but he's not wimpy anymore). He will be an excellent player in the future, but we need to invest in him now and get him the experience. We wouldn't even be giving up skill/performance choosing him over Wellwood. So let's talk about Wellwood. He hasn't had a bad camp, but he didn't stand out either. There was nothing that made me say, DAMNIT, NOW WE HAVE TO KEEP HIM.

So, when you cast your ballot in the popularity contest, remember this: Turris calls women ma'am and Wellwood was a Canuck. I'm Yotesgurl, and I approve this message.

-Amy Jo Green aka @YotesGurl of The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

So what do you think? Add who should win this battle and why in the comments and don't forget to vote!