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Coyotes Fall to Oilers 4-3 In Preseason Shootout

Well we couldn't finish off the Oilers last night in the shoot out. A rare occurrence to say the least. Usually When we go to the shootout it's automatic, but I guess when we put Turris and Boedker out there to see what they can do instead of Adrian Aucoin right away that'll have an effect. Here's what I saw last night


  • Kyle Turris has grown a ton. He's physically and mentally bigger. He can still get thrown around a bit at times, but he has no fear of that. He goes into the corners, digs in front of the net and generally goes to the places on the ice that are hard to go to. 
  • Scottie Upshall is going to be just fine. His goal last night was amazing as he flipped it over a sprawled out Martin Gerber
  • Viktor Tikhonv probably won't make the team. At least not right away. As far as young guys go he's the type of guy that Tippett likes in that he hits and plays a blue-collar game. At some point he'll see time in the line up as injuries inevitably happen but I just don't see enough from him to knock a vet out. 
  • Kyle Wellwood has the fans pretty split over what to do. There are those that like him and what he could bring to the team, but plenty of others that like fat jokes and would rather he wasn't here to get in Turris' way of a spot. I think Turris has played well enough to make it close and Turris wins the tiebreaker because he's already under contract. 
  • Ilya Bryzgalov didn't have his best game last night. We still took it to the shootout, but he got beat pretty good on those two goals. Hopefully it's just some bugs to work out and he's ready to rock against Boston on opening day.
  • The defense is still a work in progress, with two young guys that will see significant playing time it's just going to be that way for a bit. Ekman-Larsson is still adjusting a bit but overall is technically solid.
  • Penalties like last night cannot continue in the regular season. Lots of holding and stick penalties that are just lazy or from being out of position in the first place.
  • I still can't figure out who will in between Boedker and Korpikoski. Something's got to give as Boedker has played well. Guess we'll see later today or tomorrow.