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Coyote Tracks - September 25, 2010- Double Down Edition

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Not a whole lot going on yet, preview in a bit for today's two games against the Sharks and then the gamethread later tonight. So far it seems as though there is only audio for the game in Phoenix, no word on what if anything will be available for the game in San Jose. Here's a few links for your Saturday morning to get you going.

Aucoin's Blog: Thoughts After One Week of Camp - AUCOIN'S BLOG - A Blog by Adrian Aucion
In his latest blog, Coyotes defenseman Adrian Aucoin writes about the first week of training camp.

Probert's brain donated to science as head injuries plague hockey - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Probert's family honored his wishes in wanting the research furthered. 

Välkommen Oliver " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
More pictures and whatnot from Yotesgurl. 

Wade Redden To Be Placed On Waivers - Blueshirt Banter
His albatross of a contract is being shipped to Hartford so that the Rangers don't have to waste a roster spot on him, just a lot of cash.

Alexandre Picard talks to