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Coyote Tracks - September 21, 2010 - Time for ACTION!

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It's go time! Seriously, it's the day of real(ish) hockey! At some point today I imagine we'll know the full roster of those travelling to face the Ducks and once that's released we'll get that posted up for you here. Sounds as though Paul Bissonnette will be among them though according to his twitter account. More coming up later in the day, including some player previews, an attempt at a game preview and maybe even a gamethread if I can find a radio feed of the game. Until then... LOS LIIIIIINNNKS!

Yotes Links:

Young Phoenix Coyotes defenseman David Schlemko wants to prove he belongs
The young defenseman, at 23, could be facing a defining season early in his career.

Wellwood battling to earn spot on Phoenix Coyotes roster
Kyle Wellwood's future will be determined during the exhibition games.

Cut BB Goalie & I’ll Cut You Back " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Yotesgurl has more pictures and is sad about Louis Domingue being cut. It's okay, the QJMHL will be good for him.

Hockey Is Here! 2010 Training Camp Begins | Hip Shot Blog
Mo recaps the Town Hall meeting from the other day and is ready for hockey to get going.

Around the League:

Fan Igloo memorial not a good idea... - PensBurgh
A fan came up with an idea to memorialize the Pens former home, the Civic Arena, from inside of the new building right across the street. Why it's not just a good idea, it's a great one.

The Avs No Longer The Free Spenders Of the NHL - Mile High Hockey
It wasn't that long ago the Avs were the big spenders of the NHL. These days they are barely scrapping the $43.4 million salary cap floor.

Hockey 101: Long Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) - Fear The Fin
A look at how the LTIR is implemented for teams who have an injured player.

The Winning Patrick Marleau Fact Is... - Battle of California
BoC had a pretty interesting competition. Check out the rest of Patrick Marleau Facts.