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Coyote Tracks - September 2, 2010 Edition - T-Minus 19 Days

Only 19 Days until the Phoenix Coyotes' first preseason game against the Anaheim Ducks. That's of course not including rookie games against LA starting on the 11th. Hockey is almost here folks! We've also gotten word of a new possible owner just in case you hadn't noticed

Here's a look at today's links and notes from around the league...

Ice Being Installed Inside Arena - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
On Wednesday morning, a crew began installing the playing surface inside Arena for the 2010-11 Coyotes season. THE ICE IS GOING IN WOOOOOOOOO!

Sources: Matt Hulsizer emerges as possible buyer for Phoenix Coyotes - ESPN
The Phoenix Coyotes have another interested buyer, sources told Here's the original report.

Don't get knickers in knot over latest Coyotes rumours - Winnipeg Free Press
Guess which paper is still bitter... awwwww...

More links after the jump...

Are the league and the NHLPA circumventing the CBA? (hint: if the reports are true, the answer is yes) - Jewels From The Crown
Quisp over at Jewels from the Crown talks about the CBA and how it relates to the Kovalchuk deal and others like it.

Chris Chelios retires, joins Red Wings' front office - 2010 Offseason News
Chris Chelios, 48, hangs up his skates after 26 seasons. Only 26? I thought he'd been playing since the days of Conn Smythe.

Antti Niemi reportedly set to sign with San Jose for one year, $2.0MM - Fear The Fin
The finned ones now have 3 goalies signed to NHL deals and only 1 million dollars to play with for the rest of the team. Hope no one gets hurt on the Sharks this year...

Lee Stempniak and the Tale of His Shooting Percentage - Pension Plan Puppets
Chemmy is still bitter that Lee Stempniak played well here after doing sub-par in Toronto. That's okay we get the point that he can't have a 30% shooting percentage forever, but he could still do well for us.