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Who is Coyotes "Mystery Buyer" Matthew Hulsizer?

ESPN reported earlier today that the Mystery Buyer that the Phoenix Business Journal mentioned earlier in the week was one Matthew Hulsizer. This is a completely new name to Coyotes fans who have been hearing Reinsdorf and Ice Edge all summer and random names in between. So who is this man of man of mystery?

Well he's a Chicago based businessman that founded a Financial Services Firm called Peak6 in 1997. Peak6 is an options equity firm credited with being the first to go completely "off-floor" or that they didn't have traders that stood in the stock exchange. He then created Optionshouse, an online Options trading service that is now one of the top rated online services according to Barron's and continues to win awards. More recently he and his company created WeSeed, a virtual stock and options trading site that allows you to "play the market". It's basically a virtual stock market that uses fake money but uses real stocks and numbers to simulate how your choices work in the real world and learn the market. This has expanded into a social network that gives tips and education worldwide. 

Much like the guys involved with Ice Edge he's been an innovator in the financial world, just on what seems to be a larger scale. Peak6 runs what the Wall Street Journal ranked as the 21st best hedge fund globally in terms of return and the company does hundreds of millions of dollars a year in transactions. He's no small time businessman. There's no exact number on his personal net worth, but in ESPN is correct then it's well more than the $280 million that Jerry Reinsdorf is reportedly worth and that would be a good thing for Coyotes fans.

His knowledge of online options and trends is another thing I really like. If he's an owner that knows the impact of online media as well as effectively using things like twitter, facebook and other social networks then he's the right guy to help this team grow in the market and outside of it as well. 

THIS SECTION IS PURE SPECULATION: Doesn't his story seem awfully similar to that of the guys in Ice Edge? Toss in the statements of some of the principles in the group and suddenly it seems like they're not just bystanders watching another guy come in and take over. In my purely speculative opinion Ice Edge didn't have whatever monetary levels the NHL wanted and went looking to guys they knew that might be interested. Hulsizer may have been interested all on his own too, but with the business circles these parties run in it's not out of the question that Hulsizer is the deep pockets running the group while Ice Edge takes a small role in running the team. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Anthony LeBlanc running some part of the team while Hulsizer funds it.

Though this could all just be pure whole cloth as well. We've had so many people kicking the tires and being rumored that i'll believe it when  see it. Though with Ice Edge saying there could be an announcement soon regarding the team I'm optimistic...