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Coyotes Tracks - Thursday August 5 Edition

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Sorry about yesterday...fell asleep and didn't get a chance to get a story ready to roll.  Considering how slow news is these days, you didn't miss much, and we'll just add stuff to today's story instead, ok...

Big news from AZ Central's discussions with new Coyotes President Mike Nealy that Ice Edge is not the only party that Glendale is talking to regarding purchasing the team.  And we get jumping in as well (while also spreading misinformation re: Coyotes ticket sales - way to rile them up Canadian media!)

Phoenix Coyotes president: More groups interested in team
Mike Nealy dishes on first month on job, team's financial prospects, finding new owner.

Three more groups get in on Coyotes talks -
While Ice Edge Holdings is still talking with the City of Glendale about the long-term lease of Arena, a source close to the negotiations confirmed that the City is also talking with three other groups about the arena and team.

Look, I'm not privy to what is going on with the City of Glendale and these negotiations.  And, to be honest, they should be taking a while to make a decision because as much as I want to just believe that things will be ok once someone signs on the dotted line, there's a decent possibility that it won't unless the proper due diligence is conducted.  That being said, perhaps if the City of Glendale could actually focus its attentions on one group as opposed to constantly letting 2 or 3 other groups interject them with shiny new offers, this might get done quicker.  But I have a very biased, one-sided opinion on things...and I do think that the City Council and its staff are trying to get it done.  But it would be nice if we (the fans) didn't have to keep taking such a beating from the rest of the hockey world in the meantime. 

After the jump, betting on the Coyotes, the Senators make me laugh, some youth and minors stuff and a little whimsy...

NHL Futures Betting, 2010 Stanley Cup Odds at Bodog Sportsbook
Not that we at Five For Howling condone gambling, BUT, if you are so inclined, 35/1 odds are really pretty good for the Coyotes.  And 15/1 odds on the Flyers aren't half bad either...

COYOTES 11 AND 20-GAME "PICK 'EM PLANS" GO ON SALE FRIDAY, AUG. 6 - Phoenix Coyotes - News
Speaking (earlier) of Coyotes ticket sales, for those of you that aren't season ticket holders, the Coyotes have great mini-plans available that go on sale Friday.  There's also an open house coming up next week that we'll get more information out when it is closer.  It's a great gateway drug to season tickets...I know because it's what my wife and I did...

Sweden beats Finland in junior exhibition - 2011 World Junior Championship
OEL is showing that he has all the talent to make this squad and be a household name by the end of the year...very exciting stuff.

SPURS: The Surprising Journey From Rugged Forward To Winning Coach
His dream was to be a player. His destiny was to be a coach. Ray Edwards learned that ice hockey truth one tough and wonderful break at a time.

Senators add Hale to blue-line
The Coyotes are moving North of the Border....well, two former Coyotes at least, as the Senators sign David Hale and Francis Lessard to contracts.  Oh David Hale experiment...why Gretzky kept putting you on the ice, we may never know.

The Hockey File: The NHL Since The Lockout- Part 2: Where Do We Go From Here
This is a LONG read, but there's some interesting stuff in there.  On the whole, I don't think I agree with a lot of it, particularly his impression that any Canadian team will automatically succeed, but...I do like his opinions on rule enforcement and goalie equipment...

And for some Thursday whimsy:

Steve Yzerman Will Never Be My Friend : Blades Of Funny

Down Goes Brown: A professional athlete's guide to Twitter - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.