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Coyote Tracks - Monday August 2 Edition

Ok, slow news for the last month and a half or so.  Really nothing much going on, but as the summer hits its hottest time, we are just a few short weeks away from the start of training camp for 2010/11.  So, Travis and I are vowing to get back on track with this thing...

Two big stories that have been in the news for the Coyotes recently.  One, of course, is the continued adventures with Ice Edge Holdings. 

Kelley on NHL: Don't hold your breath -
Despite Ice Edge's problems in buying the Coyotes, don't expect the team in Winnipeg anytime soon.

Ice Edge Bid Trouble Should Equal End of Line for Hockey in the Desert | The Hockey Writers

Unfortunately, we have no inside information and our best bet is to keep taking it one day at a time until something definitive comes down the pipe.  Right now, all we know is that the exclusive window is closed.  Not really a big deal...plenty of time to still get a deal done, and if this was simple, well it never would've gotten screwed up in the first place.  So, my advice...don't believe the doom and gloom.  Until Bill Daly says its a done deal (either way), everything else is pure speculation and everyone has their own agenda.  When (if) we hear something directly, we'll be sure and pass it along.

And, of course, everyone's favorite Coyotes inactive twitter account, from Coyotes enforcer Paul Bissonnette:

Eulogy: Hilariously outrageous Twitter ramblings of Paul Bissonnette - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports

Revenge of Biz Nasty: Introducing the Paul Bissonnette T-Shirt line - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports

If you are still avoiding the Twitter world, the return of Paul Biz Nasty's account should be the end of your refusal to get on board...irreverent, politically incorrect, and completely hilarious.  Or, you could just become his friend on Facebook!

After the jump, the Coyotes aren't the only team strapped for cash (and the team that had the cash flow problems might surprise you), some prospect/Rampage news, and much, much more...

Earlier this summer, @Yotesgurl asked me to participate in an off-season roundtable with some other Coyotes fans and bloggers.  Here are the results, in 4 parts:

Coyotes Roundtable Part 1 " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Coyotes Roundtable Part 2 " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Coyotes Roundtable Part 3 " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Coyotes Roundtable Part 4 " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Make sure to also check out all the other sites featured...good stuff for everyone.

Coyotes Sign Kearns to Contract - OurSports Central - Independent and Minor League Sports News

Top Affiliate | Phoenix Re-signs Picard |

A few minor league's always good to keep the farm stocked...apologies for the weird English on the second one...must be a translation from a foreign paper...

Phoenix Coyotes Hockey on AZ Vibe " The NHL is the priority for Viktor Tikhonov
Good work getting the scoop on the Viktor Tikhonov situation by AZ Vibe...hopefully, he'll be ready to make an impact, or, if not, help contribute in San Antonio and get his game in NHL shape...

Howlin' Hockey | A Phoenix Coyotes blog
This is a blog that just popped up on my Google Alert and I've never seen...quick glance through looked worth sharing.  One of these days, we will get around to updating the blog roll on the lefthand menu...

Five Reasons From The Rink's Mike Chen Loves Hockey - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
SB Nation's Mike Chen checking in with his five reasons he loves hockey...great choices Mike!

Blackhawks ran out of cash, didn't profit despite Cup - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Ah, back to the tease from before the're reading that right...despite winning a Cup and having sold out arenas for most of the season, the Blackhawks were cash-strapped throughout the year and will be one of the most expensive teams next year to go see a game.  Considering that they've dumped about 1/2 of their Cup-winning team due to their salary cap mismanagement, not sure I'd want to pay the price.

Who is the most hated team in the NHL today? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
I know it's an easy question for Coyotes fans (Red Wings), but these other teams all have plenty of good reasons to dislike as well...

Down Goes Spezza: The Winds of Change are Blowing: NHL Relocations for 2010-11
And finally a bit of whimsy...a little dig at Phoenix, that is shared by Winnipeg.  The rest is pretty enjoyable too.

Tomorrow I'll check in on the state of the Coyotes roster and have some more links.  Sorry again for the hiatus...