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Coyote Tracks - Tuesday August 10 Edition

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So every summer the NHL Network replays the NHL playoffs series by series to get some programming in and allow us to relive the best parts of the season while waiting for preseason to start.  I'd been waiting for them to finally get to the phenomenal (excepting the eventual outcome) Phoenix Coyotes vs. Detroit Red Wings series for several months now and yesterday it finally started.  Game 1 will be replayed today at 10:00 AM for those at home (or who want to DVR), and Game 2 will air at 3 and 8 PM.  Doan-face in all its glory!

What was remarkable re-watching Game  was what a force Shane Doan was in that game - all over the ice, taking the body to anyone and everyone.  The bs charging call on his hit on Kronwall just added fuel to his fire.  I really have no doubt that if he didn't get hurt in Game 3, the Coyotes win that series.  Hopefully, they can just put themselves back in a position like that next year.

In some other Coyotes news, Dave Vest had a wonderful discussion with Dave Tippett:


Really good stuff, a true must read.

After the jump, dissecting the Ilya Kovalchuk decision, the rigors of the NHL schedule and more...

Offside: A Sports Law Blog: Legal Analysis of Kovalchuk Decision
A very thorough analysis of the arbitrator's decision to void the Kovalchuk deal as well as a link to the full's interesting how these decisions are going to affect the next CBA in 2011-12.

NHL’s Western Conference Predictions | Pro Sports Blogging
A bit early, admittedly, but one brave blogger is looking at the possibilities for the Western Conference...

How far will your favorite team travel this year? Check the 2010-11 NHL Super Schedule! - On the Forecheck
This is a few weeks old, and may have already been linked, but Dirk Hoag's analysis of the mileage traveled by each team is always interesting...

NHL schedule feeds some teams exhausted opponents in 2010-2011 season - On the Forecheck
And then he follows it up with more great analysis - Coyotes will not benefit from the back-to-back match-ups this year...oh well.

On Frozen Blog › Crafting High-End Hockey Sticks
I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but I'm fascinated by any type of "how it's made" video, so this should be no different...

Didn't see this one coming: Riley Cote retires, becomes Phantoms assistant coach - Broad Street Hockey
In a fairly bizarre and unexpected move, Flyers goon Riley Cote retired and became an assistant coach with the club's AHL affiliate.  Not sure if it is Garth Snow as retiree GM crazy, but it's up there for sure...

Debunking the Prince of Wales Trophy Hoax
Photos circulating around the Web appeared to show the Prince of Wales Trophy with an engraving error - but it's a hoax!

After Photography Ban, Soccer Game Covered By Cartoonist
A bit of whimsy from the footie world, courtesy of Deadspin...the cartoons are pretty great and a nice way to piss on a ridiculous club money grab...

Hopefully we'll be back with more news tomorrow (Stempniak and Hanzal signings?  Ownership resolution?  One of these days!), but if not, we'll keep collecting stuff and feel free to add some comments, fan posts or fan shots with what we're missing!!!