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Coyote Tracks - July 8th - There Is Nothing Happening Edition

I've been out shaking all the branches I know of to try and find some sort of news on the big issues we're all wondering about. News on Ice Edge? Same old story "Things are moving along". Martin Hanzal news? Nope. Lee Stempniak? Disappeared like the ninja he is. There's really not much going on in CoyoteLand.

Not much doesn't mean nothing I guess since the Coyotes open their prospect camp starting tomorrow. You can see this year's new draft picks as well as guys like Chris Summers and Oliver Ekman-Larsson who were there last year. There's not a lot open to the public other than some drills and a scrimmage or two, but it is a chance to get to know the new guys. Not only that, but you can interact with the staff and ask them stuff this time of year because they aren't crazy busy. I highly recommend checking out at least a day of it. 

In other news GM Don Maloney is still looking for his gem in the free agency market. I don't know where he's going to find it unless he has some crazy plan to take a flyer on Jonathan Cheechoo for a low price or something I just don't see that value hard working player that GMDM likes on the market. He's saying he wants a defensive minded defenseman, but who's availiable? Maybe a guy like Shaone Morrisonn? He seems young enough and possibly cheap enough for GMDM, but take a look for yourself and see if you can find another D man the Coyotes could snag...


Homophobia And Discrimination In Hockey - Why The NHL And NHLPA Need To Step Up - The Copper & Blue
Brendan Burke's announcement and tragic death could and should have a lasting impact on the face of hockey. The league and the players should make sure of it. If you haven't already take a look at this post from Derek Zona. It's a solid read even if the later comments devolve into a fistfight.

That's really about it. Kovy is trying to be LeBron or something, there's not a whole lot left until training camp. I'll try and keep this thing going. If you have suggestions on what you want to read about (Coyotes related) send them in no matter how nutty and i'll see what I can do.