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Coyote Tracks - July 20 - Ilya to the Kings (Not) Edition

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Ilya Kovalchuk finally signed with a team yesterday and it's with his old team the New Jersey Devils instead of the Division Rival Kings. Good thing everyone's he favorite rumor idiot Eklund told us "Confirmation. Kings are definitely out of Kovalchuk sweeps..." after the Devils official twitter announced the deal with Kovy huh? The deal is absolutely ludicrous too. 107 Million over 17 years. 17 YEARS! Realistically he's only going to be playing for the first 10 of those on this deal, but it allows him to make 10 million per right now at a 6 million dollar cap hit to the team. The last years of the deal have him getting payed close to the minimum. These deals are why some are already seeing another lockout year coming. I pray that they're wrong...

It's been a while, so some links may be a few days old. We'll see If I can't get these things going a bit faster noow that life has normalized a bit. 

Defenseman Nick Ross eyes Phoenix Coyotes roster spot
Defenseman Nick Ross eyes Phoenix Coyotes roster spot, In a camp dedicated to prospects, defenseman Nick Ross stands out as a veteran.

2010 – 2011 – The Future Beckons, the Rookies | Hip Shot Blog
Apparently the future is NOW for some of our youngsters. The Coyotes have holes to fill and are ready to start integrating some of the young talent into the lineup.

Pup Watch 2010 | Hip Shot Blog
Is it me or are they makin these kids bigger and stronger and faster every year? Is it weird to be saying our smallest goalie is 6ft 1 inches?

The Wonderful World of Loser Domi: Ask Lee Stempniak: In Search of Buttons
Loser Domi has been writing Ask Lee Stempniak since he was back with the Leafs. At the moment he has no home, but that doesn't keep him from searching for Buttons...

From The Desk Of Gary B. Bettman… : Blades Of Funny
I guess this is funny-ish.