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Matthew Lombardi Signs 3 Year Deal With Nashville - Coyotes Fans Feel Slapped

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Well it seems as though the Matthew Lombardi sweepstakes is over as he signed a 3 year, 10.5 Million dollar deal with the Predators. One of the top centers availiable on the market this year, there were rumors of him looking for 4.5 a year according to some reports. a 3.5 million a year contract actually seems just about right, though it may have been just a little high for the budget oncious Coyotes at this time. 

That didn't keep Coyotes fans from being a little bit hurt by the announcement. On twitter the reactions went from just some disappointment to some.... mor angry responses. Here's a sampling:


GAH! F U Lombo! #bitter  @TheYotesDiva

I am so angry! @BabyKates7

He was a greedy SOB! @StoneyPHX

Un-friggin-believable. Matthew Lombardi demanded $3.8-$4.5 million from Phoenix and signs for $3.5 w/Nashville?! @scoobydoozi

Well I think that sums it up. Rather disappointing for a guy the fans here really liked. It's not like we know for sure what happened in those negotiations, but It certainly seems like he could have stayed but chose not to. Unfortunate.