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Zbynek Michalek now a Penguin: Signs 20 Million Dollar 5 Year Deal

Well it's official, Zbynek Michalek is leaving us for the Penguins. His 20 million dollar deal for 5 years is a solid one that's well deserved. It's just unfortunate that it couldn't get done here. While many seem to think it's not that big of a deal he absolutely ate up minutes for us last year. Everyone knows how much he gives up to block shots too. While it may be a good fit for Pittsburgh it's just painful to see him go elsewhere for really not that bad of a price. 

Now the Coyotes need to focus on filling the hole his departure created. There aren't a lot of quality D Men available at the moment so we're going to have to rely on our existing guys to step up while we get another 5-6 guy most likely.  While I wish all the best for Z, I do hope that he doesn't win a cup with the Pens.