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Where We Stand: The Phoenix Coyotes Free Agency Cheat Sheet

SO the guys around here at SBNation are gearing up for today's "Free Agent Frenzy" by creating cheat sheets for their respective teams. Though I've been a bit busy doing 50 zillion things unrelated to hockey, I'm getting back into the swing of things and figured I should get one up too. There shouldn't be much here that's surprising to anyone, but here are the details:

The 2010-2011 Phoenix Coyotes Roster: (Information via

Roster Size: 19 players under contract. 11 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

Payroll: $40,022,917.00

Cap Space: $18,677,083

Money to Cap Floor: $3,377,083

Expected Budget: What's the cap floor? 43.4 Million? Then our budget is 43.6.

Key Needs: Well as you'll see below we're going to be losing some bodies so unless we're going to be bringing in young guys for all the holes we'll need to pick up a couple guys up front and another Defenseman if we can't find a way to get Zbynek Michalek signed sometime this morning. 

UFA/RFA breakdown after the jump.

Pending RFAs

Martin Hanzal: If he's not locked up and soon there's something wrong with this planet. If i'm not mistaken he's already been given a qualifying offer, but we need his deal done and now. 

Alexandre Picard: We traded Chad Kolarik to get him, so hopefully he's worth it. Don Maloney spoke highly of him in his recent chat on He's an inexpensive signing so I hope GMDM is right. 

Shaun Heshka: He's been a decent prospect, but hasn't really turned into more than that. We'll see what we can get for him or he goes back to San Antonio. 

Stefan Meyer: He didn't do much this past season down in the AHL, but he showed promise in previous seasons. Not entirely unopposed to keeping him the the AHL, but that's all it would be. 

Pending UFAs


Zbynek Michalek: He's the one everyone here is fretting about. He's a solid defenseman that sacrifices of himself to keep the other team from scoring. Everyone is going to be going after him if we don't get him signed this morning. He wants a nice long term and a decent amount of coin. He's young and doesn't have the health issues that his brother does. 

Derek Morris: He wants to be here, but he likely wants to see what the market is valuing him at now. Either way it'll be a lot less than his current 3 million. 

Mathieu Schneider: Who wants him? You can have him. 

Sean Sullivan: Young guy who's had a few chances to make the big team, but he's likely a career AHL player. 

Lee Stempniak
: Scored a ton of goals when he got here and is probably looking for a decent sized payday. Though that didn't really help him out the last time. If he likes it here he should stay here but someone is going to pay him...

Matthew Lombardi: GMDM wasn't terribly optimistic at getting him resigned. He's someone that a lot of teams are going to take a look at. Actually almost every team will take a look. I wish we could get a deal wrapped but it doesn't look good for us. 

Robert Lang: Too old. Not happenin'. 

Joel Perrault: How many more chances will we give Joel to make a real impact? He's been with the organization for a while now but hasn't cracked the lineup for real. Maybe a minimum deal again? Who knows. 

Dave Spina: Hometown kid from Mesa, Arizona. He gets resigned and could have a real chance with the look he got last year. I hope.

Jeff Hoggan: Who? Replaceable AHL part. 

Francis Lessard: The Gooniest of the goons, he's got a few screws loose. I don't see why we'd need to keep him around, but I guess it's possible. 


Miika Wiikman: We just got him a little while back for Anders Eriksson from the Rangers. I can't imagine that we'd get rid of him already, but we've got a few too many goalie prospects at the moment. 

Josh Tordjman: Been in the system for a while, but has been languishing in the lowest levels of the minor leagues. He's spent time in Las Vegas, Prescott and San Antonio. His time here could be done.