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Coyote Tracks - Glendale Says #Y2IEH Wednesday June 9 Edition

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Big news for Coyotes fans as last night the Glendale City Council voted unanimously, and basically without discussion, to approve the MOU that was discussed here with Ice Edge Holdings.  We (@jordanellel and @TravisHair) were live-tweeting the meeting along with various other Coyotes fans, so go check those streams out for a bit more information about what went on.

Glendale locks in with Ice Edge - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle provides a pretty good summary after having the fortune (misfortune?) of watching a live stream of the meeting from somewhere that I'm sure was much cooler than Phoenix's balmy 110 degrees yesterday.

One point that was big news yesterday and is raised in Mirtle's piece regarding a quote from @IceEdgeDJ regarding the challenges of the current economic climate and how it will make closing the deal a challenge.  I spoke with Ice Edge CEO Anthony Leblanc prior to the meeting and he assured me that the quote was taken a bit out of context and run with (as we have grown used to with the Winnipeg Free Press and other Canadian media sources).  And really, based on the structure of the MOU and the provision that requires IEH to provide a term sheet within 10 days or lose its exclusivity, it doesn't make much sense for IEH to push this vote if they don't have that term sheet pretty much ready to go.  And from what Leblanc said during the meeting itself, he expects that IEH will present the term sheet before the end of the week.

Plenty of work still to be done here, but a big step in the right direction last night.  Two things to note: had the City Council voted to approve the original Ice Edge MOU back in April (or May...I can't remember exactly when that vote was), it would have a better deal on the table.  This one is still preferable to the Reinsdorf deal, but it's not as good a deal for Glendale as that previous MOU.  (Of note, Councilman Lieberman was the only member to vote for the Ice Edge deal at the time, despite the fairly anti-Coyotes statements that he's made at times).  But regardless, IEH is in with their exclusive window to get the negotiations done...let's see it happen.

Tonight is another do or die night for the Flyers and after the jump, we look a bit into what is being said/done in the lead-up to Game 6 tonight in Philadelphia.  Also, a cool summer pastime for Phoenicians and more...

2010 Stanley Cup finals: Philadelphia Flyers trail Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in series - ESPN
There are more than a few parallels between this year's Cup finals and last year's. So what can the Flyers learn from the Penguins? Just forget about Game 5 and move on.

Chicago paper puts Pronger in a dress - The Globe and Mail
Flyers defenceman shows a little leg as Tribune pokes some fun leading up to Game 6

What's gone wrong with the offensive stars in Cup Finals? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Bourne with a look at why the top players haven't necessarily been the ones getting things done and what we might expect from them in Game 6...

The Conn Smythe case for Chris Pronger, win or lose - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Yesterday, Bourne argued the case for Duncan Keith if the Blackhawks won the cup...Wyshynski counters that regardless of outcome, Pronger should get a hard look...

Derek Morris and Tyson Nash are certainly getting around to the Coyotes events this off-season.  I guess this means that Keith Yandle, Jason Labarbera and some of the other regulars from the season have moved on to cooler climes for their off-season.

Old vs. new NHL coaches - From The Rink
Since 2008, more than half of NHL coaches came in with no experience. Are they more successful than the old guard?

Summer Means Curling Time in Arizona - SB Nation Arizona
Summer Series: A look at a group of immigrant who brought curling to the Arizona desert - I've done one of these learn to curl classes and it is a blast.  If anyone is up for trying it out at some point, I'd love to go again...good times!

Twitter / Jordonlow: @iceedgedj some Coyotes un ...
An interesting take on redesigning the Coyotes uniforms.  Not sure I love it, but I can understand where it is coming from...

This Is Pete Rose's Corked Bat
Ok, not hockey related at all, but an absolutely fascinating piece regarding Pete Rose and corked bats.  It's not a short piece for Deadspin, but probably one of the best items I've ever read on the site...

And finally, since we haven't had a lot of whimsy recently:

Down Goes Brown: How do you pronounce "Byfuglien"? - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.

Ok, Flyers - Blackhawks, tonight at 5 PM local time on NBC.  Might need to find a bar to watch the game at downtown or elsewhere.  Let me know if anyone is interested in meeting up to watch.  Obviously my bias means it's must-win for the Flyers, but regardless of who you are cheering for a Blackhawks win is the end of this season...surely, you want one more hockey game until summer, no?