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City of Glendale Finally Gets on Board with Ice Edge Holdings

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So in what was possibly the most anti-climactic resolution to the negotiations between Ice Edge Holdings and the City of Glendale, the City Council gave the thumbs up to the Memorandum of Understanding between them and IEH. 

While they had previously rejected them for nothing of real consequence, this time they didn't even really discuss much about the deal between themselves. Thankfully they actually remembered all this from the private meetings and from previous sessions. They did a quick powerpoint of what was going to happen if they voted for it, a couple fans addressed the council after CEO Anthony LeBlanc did the same. The council then took a quick vote to approve the MoU which passed unanimously 7-0, thus ending the brief discussion.

There really wasn't a lot of media attention which hopefully means the drama has been taken completely out of the proceedings at this point with the Coyotes staying for both the short term and for the long run. Even the local media seems disinterested at this point with everyone but local independent station 3TV taking a pass on showing up with cameras. 

The most exciting part of the meeting was where a few of the council members got "into it", well for government types, over voting for a new vice Mayor. Thankfully Phil Lieberman didn't get approval and looked all pouty about it.

Personally I'm just happy that we got step one done and over with. There was talk of IEH having issues securing funding, but the City Attorney seemed confident that the group would put a term sheet forward not only within the required 10 days, but by the end of the week. It was also overheard that many of the subsequent documents that have to be completed following the MoU are already prepared for the council. It seems as though Coyote fans will finally get the dream of not worrying about the business of hockey for an extended period of time. Thank goodness.