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Coyote Tracks - #Y2IEH Tuesday June 8 Edition

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Extra day off for the Stanley Cup Finals tonight as the Flyers look to rebound on home ice Wednesday night and force a clinching game 7 with the Blackhawks in Chicago, thus following the pattern of the last 2 Stanley Cup Finals between the Red Wings and Penguins.  We'll have more preview of that crucial game tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

The big news today is the Glendale City Council meeting tonight to approve the MOU with Ice Edge.  While it's probably just a formality, if we can find Logan and other 7 year olds to sway crusty Glendale council members to vote for the MOU, it probably wouldn't hurt.  I had a lengthy post about all of this last night, so let's not rehash it all.  Just know that the meeting is open to the public, it's at 7 PM at Glendale City Council chambers (58th Avenue and Glendale)...if you need further motivation to go, the absolute best pizza in the valley is across the street at La Piazza al Forno - go early and get dinner!!

The other MAJOR news of the day is yesterday's launch of the SB Nation Arizona site.  This regional hub was one of six launched by SB Nation yesterday and it is more than just a conglomeration of the various blogs for the Arizona based teams, but it includes original content and a revamped design.  Make sure to check it out for all your Arizona sports needs and convince those fans that you meet there who may not be sold on the Coyotes about what a good thing we have going here and why they should want to get in now.

After the jump, more on the SB Nation regional sites, a look at free agent needs from the non-playoff teams out east, some great stats on single game ice time leaders of recent memory, and much more...

SB Nation Expands for Fans, by Fans Sports Sites -
SB Nation, which is making a push into regional sports, has created a network of sites where like-minded fans can gather.

Free Agent Wish Lists - A Team By Team Peek At Needs And Solutions - From The Rink
With July 1 quickly approaching, we thought it would be interesting to review each team's needs and consider how they might solve those needs when free agency frenzy time arrives. What free agent will help push your team over the top?

Why MLS on Versus is good for the NHL - From The Rink
Could soccer and hockey share the same TV network in the US? How a MLS/Versus TV deal could benefit the NHL.

Comparing James van Riemsdyk to His '07 Draft Counterparts - Broad Street Hockey
Ah, the 2007 draft.  Patrick Kane....and everyone else.  The Flyers had the second pick in the draft after a truly catastrophically bad season and selected James van Riemsdyk.  The Coyotes had a fairly dreadful campaign as well and selected Kyle Turris.  How those players and others have fared since...

Ok, let's look at some Stanley Cup Finals news and information:

Quenneville's new lines finally get to Pronger - The Globe and Mail
A breakdown of what the Blackhawks coach did to reignite his team and take a 3-2 lead

2010 Stanley Cup finals: Philadelphia Flyers now trail Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in series - ESPN
It would be tempting to write off the Flyers after their embarrassing Game 5 loss. Do they really have it in them to rewrite history yet again?

2010 Stanley Cup finals: Chicago Blackhawks answer the call in pivotal Game 5 - ESPN
The Blackhawks had a laundry list of necessary improvements to make to avoid seeing this series slip away from them. Sunday night, Chicago checked off all of them.  (Funny how Burnside makes the point that it is foolish to write off the Flyers because the pattern is just like last year...and then LeBrun just completely writes off the Flyers...good stuff!)

Duncan Keith's case for the Conn Smythe - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Bourne looks at why Duncan Keith may get the Conn Smythe if Chicago can clinch the Cup...

Stanley Cup finals ratings all good news - The Globe and Mail
Philadelphia-Chicago matchup scores big audiences in those cities – and Canada, too...

Cashing In On Dual Offer Sheets - The Copper & Blue
Ok...don't panic as this is just a potential strategy that we haven't really seen any GMs making use of in recent seasons.  But, this potential play for some Coyotes RFAs scares the bejebus out of me.

Q&A With NHL’s Gary Bettman - 2010-06-07 04:01:00 | Broadcasting & Cable
The NHL commissioner talks about the Comcast-NBC Universal merger, the league’s upcoming rights negotiations and why hockey is a national sport.

'Behind the Stripes' to debut on NHL Network Monday - Officials
If you missed this last night (as I did), good news, it will run again next Monday.  It certainly sounds like it could be very interesting.

Single-Game Ice Time Leaders - Behind The Net
A familiar face appears a lot on this list...Adrian Aucoin used to log the BIG ice time apparently.  We knew he was a gamer, but man...over 40 minutes in a regular season game...that is craaaaazy.

SKA offers Kovalchuk $14M per year - NHL
Got an email from Alexander at, and decided I'd give him this link regarding a potential Ilya Kovalchuk offer from the KHL.  The site looks like a pretty good resource for all news Russian hockey, or Russian hockey players, if that's your thing...

Hockey player’s dire battle against leukemia inspires thousands - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Finally, we linked to a story about this last week, or the week before.  But it really is one that deserves to be repeated.  If you know someone, or you are someone, in a position to help, we encourage you to look into the site and see if you can get tested to determine your compatibility.  

Ok, hopefully I'll see some of you tonight at the Glendale City Council meeting...if not, make sure to follow along @jordanellel as I hopefully will be tweeting the event.