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Coyote Tracks - Slow Weekend Monday June 7 Edition

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Ok, so this year's Stanley Cup Finals are exceedingly reminiscent of the prior 2 seasons with the home team taking the first 5 games.  Both teams are showing some resiliency, clutch scoring/goaltending and tenacious times...and generally on their own home ice.  They say it's not a series until the home team loses, but this has felt like a heck of a series thus far.  For the Flyers, they better hope that they can make it a series on Friday, but until then, just take care of business Wednesday night at the Wachovia Center, where the Stanley Cup will be ready to be possibly awarded if the Blackhawks can win in Philly.

Twitter / Quenneville's Stache: I just earned the "Stuck p ...
"I just earned the "Stuck pins in his homemade Chris Pronger voodoo doll" badge on @foursquare."  That tweet from this weekend cracked me up and it seemed that Pronger was definitely mortal last night...maybe Qstache is on to something...

Ice Edge One Step Closer in Keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix -- NHL FanHouse
This is of course the big story, and the next big step in the quest for Ice Edge to become the owners of the Coyotes is to get the MOU approved at an open meeting of the Glendale City Council on Tuesday.  We'll have more about the meeting tomorrow, but this time they should get it right.

Off-Season Game Plan: Phoenix Coyotes
One of the most in-depth looks at the "Who's staying, who's going?" questions for the Coyotes and their needs for next year.  These are the topics that we are going to start breaking down (in depth) once the Stanley Cup Finals end and once the ownership fiasco clears up just a bit more...we're close

Coming Down the Pipe!: 22nd - Phoenix Coyotes Draft Preview
Another draft preview column...we're starting to see more folks looking at potential picks for the Coyotes.  Coming Down the Pipe is working in reverse, was actually a bit confusing the order that's being used.  But check it out....good stuff.

That's it from the slow news weekend.  Got more stuff, post it in the comments.  Also, Facebook users be sure to become a fan of Five For Howling by following the widget along the left side of the screen...Twitter users, make sure you are following @FiveForHowling @TravisHair and @jordanellel for all your latest Coyotes news flashes!