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City of Glendale to Meet in Executive Session Today to Discuss Coyotes, Ice Edge

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In the next "Hooray this might get done someday" step in the morass that has become the sale of the Coyotes, the Glendale City Council will meet today at 2PM local time to get an update on where negotiations are with Ice Edge Holdings and presumably whoever else is out there at the moment pursuing the team. However there are some items being reported by various sources that have yet to be totally confirmed that make it sound as though the guys from IEH have the inside track at his point in time. 

The main thin being reported is that the meeting is basically to get the details on and possibly approve, though that should come later in a public session, a memorandum of understanding between the City and IEH. The bigger part of the news though is that there also seems to be a preliminary lease agreement to be discussed, though details on that have been sketchy.

There are also reports that the MOU has a 60 day window for exclusive negotiating rights for the lease agreement to be worked out should Glendale approve the Memorandum of Understanding. 

There hasn't been a lot out of the IEH crew today other than a few tweets and retweets from Ice Edge's Daryl Jones. Either way we should know more about the City's plans later today.