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Coyote Tracks - Get it Even TGIF June 4 Edition

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Well, the big news from yesterday is that the Coyotes are starting to sell their season tickets on Monday and generally prices are staying about level. The slogan for next year is awesome...The Pack is Back!!! Fantastic stuff.

Coyotes send out season ticket offers - Phoenix Business Journal

As to the ongoing hockey, not a lot to say as tonight is another must win game for the Flyers as they look to even the Stanley Cup Final with the Blackhawks at 2 games apiece. It's been a pretty even series with each game being decided by one goal, and in my view it's been a pretty entertaining series.

KuklasKorner : The Puck Stops Here : Game Three Thoughts
Apparently those views aren't shared by everyone. I'm not sure what series he's watching, or whether the mere fact that the Red Wings are not in the finals eliminates it from being of interest. Either way, I've been enjoying it thus far.

And the good folks over at Copper and Blue are analyzing scoring chances throughout the's great stuff:

Flyers 4 Blackhawks 3 - Game 3 Scoring Chances - The Copper & Blue
And your money quote:

After one game I was surprised. And then I was surprised again. And now I've been surprised for a third time. For three consecutive games, the Flyers have outchanced the Blackhawks by a 4:3 margin or better. For three consecutive games the Flyers haven't looked out of place. In fact, for three consecutive games, the Flyers have been the better team everywhere except between the pipes. And last night, they even managed to win the game!

So Go Flyers! Let's win tonight, and then just for the heck of it win Sunday night as well...

After the jump, History is made again, Justin Bourne with 3 "new" articles, a Coyotes prospect that maybe we don't really need, and much, much more...

History Will Be Made - Claude Giroux - Broad Street Hockey
The game 3 OT winner gets a much deserved history will be made treatment with one of the better taglines on the recent editions.

Why Dan Maloney received first-ever GM of the year award - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
A cogent analysis and nothing that I would really argue with.

Ok, your triple shot of Justin Bourne's writing for today...

How players feel when their coach freaks out like Laviolette - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

The healthy scratch: An emotional plunge toward outcast status -

Hockey Primetime - The one battle you'd envy: Keeping weight on | Columns | News

I'm done praising him at this point...just recognize that if he publishes something and I see it, you'll probably read about it here the next day. The guy reminds me of baseball's Doug Glanville. The stuff is just consistently interesting and well-written. And that is a deadly combination.

Video: The delightful antagonism of Chris Pronger, Flyers villain - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
Chris Pronger, love him or (as most people do) hate him, is excellent at playing the media...the NHL might finally be realizing that this is all good for the league.

E-Mail Interview Spotlight: Steve Lepore | Hockey Independent
Speaking of the media, this is a great interview with Steve Lepore of Puck the Media. Steve does great work analyzing the analysts and getting us the regional market share numbers and what-not. I had no idea he was just 21. Unbelievable...

College Hockey News: Darling Won't Return to Maine
Maine goaltender Scott Darling will not be returning for his junior year, the Bangor Daily News reported. He intends to go to camp with the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes. Seems like Darling hasn't exactly been a model citizen in his time at Maine...that crap won't fly here...[s/t TimmyHate for that one]

New Logos and More... - Blog -
This will probably get Ghost all excited...pretty sweet 20th anniversary logo from the Sharks for next season. Maybe in their next 20 years they'll learn how to win 16 games in a single postseason....

Sharing the Winter Classic wealth - From The Rink
The Pittsburgh Penguins get to play in their second Winter Classic come New Year's Day. The NHL has already said that the Washington Capitals will be involved in their second go in a few years. Is there a fair way to select Winter Classic teams?

When do you hang 'em up? - From The Rink
After weeks of rumor, 40-year-old defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom signs on for one more year with the Detroit Red Wings. But that just begs the question - when do you call it a career?

Hollywood Hockey " The Active Stick
This is a great read for the women hockey fans who should feel outraged when crap like what is being reported on is published.

First Taco Festival coming to Scottsdale
Completely not hockey related, but this sounds seriously awesome. Hope I don't have other plans...

Retired referee Kerry Fraser admits umpiring controversial Tigers-Indians game | Intent to Blow
And finally, some whimsy to start your weekend...