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Coyote Tracks - More Guaranteed Hockey! Thursday June 3 Edition

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Ok, running a bit late this morning.  Flyers decided that they wanted to win a Finals game after 23 years, so this could get interesting.  2 video reviews yesterday that I think got both calls right.  Big, huge win for the Flyers (obviously) and although I was out at a bar with at least one slightly irritating Chicago fan and didn't really get to focus 100% on the game, it seemed as if the Flyers controlled play for most of the game.  One question that maybe someone can answer, on Kane's breakaway goal, did he ever enter into the defensive zone to cover anyone or was he just hovering in the neutral zone waiting for that opportunity.  It just seemed as if he got out ahead of the play awfully fast if he wasn't way out of position before Chicago got the puck. 

Anyways, in the Coyotes news front, 2 big events yesterday...

As Travis said on Twitter...Obvious Award is Obvious.  And as I mentioned in the Fan Shot yesterday, well deserved go put together a team to win the Cup next year and you'll get a second one for your mantle.

Crosby, Doan and Miller vie for Messier Award - 2010 NHL Awards
Sidney Crosby, Shane Doan and Ryan Miller are the three finalists for the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award.  Great to see Doan get this recognition despite having an off year on the scoring.  Next year Doan's leadership will only improve more as he learns that it's never worth not running Jimmy Howard in the playoffs...

After the jump, more greatness from Justin Bourne (seriously, he needs to stop already because he is making everyone else doing this look bad), progress on a headshot rule, playoff stats of interest and whimsy...come on in...

Witnessing the death of dump and chase hockey - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
As we said, it's more great stuff from Bourne.  We even saw for much of this year how the Coyotes were getting away from the dump and chase game.  This is only good for the game.

The NHL's 30 general managers are backing a rule that would see players receive a five-minute... - From The Rink
Hopefully we'll see them put together something that works and helps keeps the players safe...

3 Ways to Improve Stanley Cup broadcasts - Ducks blog : The Orange County Register
The Stanley Cup finals will move to Versus for Games 3-4, which is good or bad news depending on how you feel about NBC’s broadcasting crew. Here’s a vote for the former....

Can Red Wings GM save NHL from its shootout addiction? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
We don't like to support many things Red Wings here, but fixing the overtime/shootout situation (regardless of how it "helped" the Coyotes this year) really needs to happen.  All games need to be worth the same amount of points.  If you want a 3 point for regulation win, or a more complex system, whatever.  This should get done, though.  Of course, I don't even think this is what Holland is after...but it's similar enough for me to mini-rant ;)

Coyotes Drama in a Nut Shell | Icy Coyotes
I think this about sums up what's been going on...still no new news...

Interesting Stats From The 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs - From The Rink
Some interesting statistics from the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs through two games of the finals.

Just. One. Run. " Free Tacos For All
FTFA is begging the D-backs to break their funk...

Speaking of the D-backs, don't forget that SB Nation has all of your sports needs covered, whether it's other hockey teams, or your local Phoenix teams.  Make sure to check out Bright Side of the Sun, AZ Snakepit, and Revenge of the Birds.  After meeting Seth and Jim and a bunch of other folks involved in these great sites, it really behooves you to make your way over there and see what they've got to say.  Unless you just love which case, stay right where you are and we'll try and keep you covered :)

Ok, some Thursday whimsy...

Game Used Stanley Cup Pucks for Sale
The aftermath of the Chris Pronger puck stealing controversy?

Hockey Comics | A webcomic for hockey enthusiasts!
And Travis Ma wrote me today about his hockey comics site and it's quite good (even with a minor dig at us Coyotes fans).  Check it out for your anime-inspired riffs on hockey going-ons.