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Coyote Tracks - Book 'Em Wednesday June 16 Edition

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Ok, yesterday Puck Daddy reported on some proposed NCAA rule changes that may or may not be passed next year.  Some seem outright ridiculous (calling icing on teams killing penalties), others seem perfectly reasonable (not calling a no-touch icing where it is clear that an offensive player would get to the puck first to negate the call), and then there was one that was the subject of greater debate:  whether a team that scores on a delayed penalty should be granted the power play after the goal.  Here's the Puck Daddy article.

Pass or Fail: NCAA's delayed call/power-play rule proposal - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports

Now, I might be in the minority, but I actually really like this proposal.  In fact, I've thought for a while that this is how the rule should be structured and here's why:  scoring on the delay isn't the product of the power play and isn't necessarily punishing the team for taking a penalty.  When the goalie goes to the bench on a delayed penalty, people like to argue that they get a 6-on-5 advantage, but that's not really true.  The teams are still skating 6 players a side, just like they are late in games when one team pulls its goaltender. When there is a delayed penalty, it's not as if the team gets to just send a 7th player over the boards into the attacking zone.

Now, of course, there is a difference in that play will be stopped as soon as the penalized team controls the puck, making it far less risky than just pulling the goalie (which a team is free to do at any point in the game, as a point of fact).  Which isn't to say there is no risk at all...




After the jump, some scenarios to consider for why granting the powerplay after a goal is scored on the delayed penalty isn't an unfair advantage...and your usual links...

Scenario 1:  Non-penalized team is coming up on an odd man rush through the neutral zone when behind the play a player takes an elbowing/spearing/high sticking call.  Before the goalie even realizes that a penalty is about to be called, the team converts the odd man rush and scores the goal.  If one of the reasons penalties are called is a deterrent to future action, what value is served by not penalizing the elbower/spearer/high-sticker whose team was just scored upon.  The team hasn't even taken advantage of the delayed penalty when the goal is scored.

Scenario 2:  Team A is behind by a goal with less than a minute to go and pulls the goalie controlling play in the zone while having 6 attackers on the ice.  Team B defender is called for a cross check in front of the net, and during the delay Team A scores the equalizing goal.  The delayed penalty did not give Team A an opportunity to further their advantage on the ice, and why should they not then be rewarded for their efforts of their player who has taken this cross check with a power play chance to win the game outright?

I think my argument basically boils down to the fact that a team that scores on a delayed penalty is still playing at even strength and hasn't actually gotten the benefit of drawing the penalty.  The fact that they are able to shield the puck from the other team and prevent a stoppage before scoring should not negate this advantage.  Similarly, in a game earlier this year, some of you may remember the Coyotes failed to put a player in the box to serve a major penalty when the penalized player had been ejected from the game.  Play did not stop during the major power play, nor for an additional 4 or so minutes after the penalty should have expired.  However, because the other team (the Islanders, I think) prevented a stoppage, the Coyotes were forced to continue to play a man down until they eventually took another penalty.  The Coyotes were penalized extra because of the smart play by the Islanders, and the Coyotes' mistake in not having someone in the box.  I think this is fairly analogous to the situation the NCAA is looking to address, and I, for one, think this is a good rule and would like to see how it plays out.

Ok, now that you've read through that rambling mess, here are the rest of today's links:

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A sit down with Phoenix Coyotes prospect Brett MacLean to discuss among other things, the NHL Entry Draft experience, and the transition to professional hockey.

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Travis looks at the issues facing the Coyotes this off season for RLD's 30 in 30 series.

If you're not going to the draft, the Coyotes want to bring the draft to you!

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This guy is in the whine cellar alright.  The Canadians seem to be finally catching on that the Coyotes don't appear to be imminently moving to Winnipeg (this is as close to an admission as I've seen them willing to make), but it's not stopping them from setting their sights elsewhere.  Atlanta apparently are next for their preying eyes.  If Falconer and the good folks over at Bird Watchers Anonymous need a list of our favorite Winnipeg-based commentators, just shoot me or Travis an email...

Beard-a-thon raises over $300,000 for charity - - News
Happy to report that I raised over $50 towards that total....hopefully next year will be even better as the Coyotes go deeper into the playoffs.

The Sports Caddy: Twenty-nine cities ache, but Chicago ain't one
A look at what the other 29 teams can take away from this lost season.

Globe & Mail Gets It Wrong (Again) – Blackhawks Will Be OK | Committed Indians
This was (since removed - a shame!) a great article by a Hawks blogger taking James Mirtle to task for his analysis of the Hawks cap crisis (which has been well documented elsewhere)...apart from it being completely wrong!  Like absolutely 100% wrong.  We love to rag on the G&M with the best of them, but we tend to keep that to Shoalts and the folks that don't actually have a clue what they are talking about.  Mirtle's good people and, in this instance, was completely correct...the Hawks are screwed next year.

NHL attendance dips by 2.5 per cent - The Globe and Mail
Led by Coyotes, average team was down more than 400 fans per game during regular season.  Of course, then Mirtle does this and pisses me off (just kidding James, although the lede is a tad dour!).  While the TV numbers are screaming that things are going great for the NHL, their primary revenue draw at the gate, wasn't quite so rosy.  As we've discussed here at length, that Coyotes number is pretty heavily skewed by the first 2.5 months of barren crowds and should rebound nicely if the team continues to succeed this year.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Save Percentage: Part II - PensBurgh
What happened to Marc-Andre Fleury this season? In-depth analysis with comparisons to our favorite Night at the Roxbury impressario Ilya Bryzgalov provides an answer.

Peter Mueller Colorado Avalanche contract concussion | All Things Avs
That headline is all sorts of screwed up, but Adrian Dater talks Peter Mueller's recovery and contract situation with the Avs.  I hope that Mueller is able to get his head back on straight, but after seeing how he reacted to the first concussion, I'm not going to hold my breath.

Mike's 2010 Mock Draft - The Cannon
More mock draft craziness....just 10 more days folks...

Double shot of Justin Bourne?  Why not?

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Note that former Coyote Georges Laraque has already been bought out by the Canadiens to nobody's surprise.

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An interesting analysis of the Hall of Fame chances for this year's class.

Report: Bruins to name Cam Neely team president - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
As a hockey fan, there are just some players that you have to respect for their ability to do everything.  To me, guys like Shane Doan, Mike Richards, Jarome Iginla, Vincent Lecavalier who are willing to do the dirty work while also having the skills to put up a lot of points, are some of the most fun guys to watch.  Well Cam Neely was one of those guys and despite the fact that I never really liked the Bruins, I've always like Neely.  So congrats to him and best of luck in this new endeavor.

Finally, some off topic whimsy for your Wednesday:

The flipper bridge
How ridiculously cool is that bridge?  I can guarantee I would still get into an accident once the sides of the road changed regardless.  Not to mention the crazy aggressive way that people drive in Hong Kong and China.

Soccer Fans Taking Over The World? Fans Of America Beg To Differ - From Our Editors -
I don't know about everyone here, but I've been thoroughly enjoying the World Cup.  This satirical post (with real quotes from some of our favorite national conservative "journalists") is fantastic.