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Coyote Tracks - Tuesday June 14 Edition

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So, our international fans (I'm looking at you TimmyHate and Mrs. TimmyHate) had the joys of getting to listen to Coyotes play-by-play man Dave Strader (@TheVoiceDS) call the Stanley Cup Finals this year.  Strades has been doing this for a few years now, and he shared his thoughts on the end of the NHL season over at the Coyotes website:

In his latest blog, Dave Strader shares his thoughts after covering the Stanley Cup Final for NHL International.

In other major sports news, I hope everyone is enjoying the World Cup.  It's been a fun tournament so far as group play gets under way.  We'll do early whimsy posts today:

World Cup 2010: Brick-by-brick fussball - England 1-1 USA | Video | Football |
An animated recreation of England's first match against the USA - simply fantastic.  Relive Rob Green's infamous World Cup meltdown in stunning lego animation clarity...

Down Goes Brown: A hockey fan's guide to the World Cup - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
And the incomparable DGB gives you a guide for what to watch for as a hockey fan watching the World Cup.

After the jump, Chri Pronger gets his say on Adam Burish's comments from last week, making the easy case for Dave Tippett to win the Jack Adams award, EA Sports releases its first trailer for NHL 11, mock draft madness and more...

YouTube - Chris Pronger Responds to Adam Burish
Chris Pronger interviewed about Adam Burish's comments after winning the Cup - he is a riot in my opinion.

Stating our case for the Adams winner - 2010 NHL Awards
Joe Sacco, Dave Tippett and Barry Trotz are the finalists for the Jack Adams Award as coach of the year.'s writers pick their choice of winner.

Ice Edge CEO optimistic about Phoenix Coyotes financing - Phoenix Business Journal
Mostly repeating what we keep hearing, but it's nice to see the news disseminating...

2010 NHL Offseason -- Trades, free agency, draft will help NHL teams address needs - ESPN
ESPN begins tracking teams' needs for next season.  They've started with the Atlantic division and won't get to the Coyotes until June 21...hopefully we'll remember to keep checking.

2010 NHL mock draft - Taylor Hall goes No. 1 to Edmonton Oilers - ESPN
In Gare Joyce's fourth attempted mock draft for the 2010 NHL proceedings, the top four projected picks remain the same as in his third edition -- Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Eric Gudbranson and Cam Fowler, in that order. Then, things get nutty.

2010 NHL Mock Draft | Hockey Polls
Another person chimes in with their mock draft.  The folks over at From the Rink are letting all the team blogs participate in a potentially multi-round mock draft in the next few weeks.  Travis will have all the information about his picks for the Coyotes when the time comes.

2010 NHL Draft: Which Teams Have The Best Recent Drafting Track Record? -
The NHL Draft is a time for renewal and hope, but all scouts and management teams aren't created equal. SB Nation's Derek Zona examines which teams have the most success at the NHL Draft podium.

Advanced Stats Glossary of Terms - Broad Street Hockey
This is a nice short piece that discusses some of the advanced metrics that you see discussed over at sites like Behind The Net and elsewhere.  It's a nice, basic resource.

NHL has something to celebrate
Highlighting the fine season that the NHL just completed.

NHL ad, sponsorship revenue up 66 pct this year - Yahoo! Eurosport
Yahoo's European site reports on the great increases in league revenues that were also experienced.

Behind NHL's music evolution, from Chaka to Eminem to Bieber - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Puck Daddy with a look at the NHL's affiliation with certain musical acts...

Archive " An (SB) Nation Rises " National Sports Journalism Center
Some more information on the SB Nation expansion into regional markets...

Wiki-Sharks vol. 1 - Battle of California
Exploring the Sharks through Wikipedia.  This is just pretty funny...

Red Light District: Top 5 Cup Contenders for 2010/11
Shockingly, what I think is a Red Wings based blog has the Red Wings projected as favorites for the Cup next year...way to think outside the box there boys!

Free Agent Wish List - Part Two - From The Rink
This is part two of a four part series in which we take a look at possible team needs and solutions for the coming free agent season. In Part One, we reviewed the bottom tier of the East. This week we look at the rest of the conference.

Finally, I don't know if you folks are videogamers or not, although I've asked the question before.  But if this preview of EA Sports' new NHL 11 doesn't make you want to go out and get an Xbox, then you're just not a gamer at all...


Alright, enjoy your Tuesday everyone and post comments and further links in the comments below!