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Arizona Republic Talks Financing with Ice Edge Holdings

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So while everyone was freaking out about a quote in the Winnipeg Free Press about how financing was tough to get in today's economy, the Arizona Republic was busy getting actual information from Ice Edge's Anthony LeBlanc about the status and some of the structure of the deal. Some of the highlights:

It's nothing really all that new. Basically about half of the deal will be paid for with the guys' own cash along with that of their investors. The other half will be bank financed. LeBlanc spoke to the necessity of getting the deal done quickly to build on the confidence the team has build up by making the playoffs. 

He also once again spoke to just how mismanaged the team has been in the past. LeBlanc called the team "...the most mismanaged asset I've ever seen in my life." That should speak to just how much of a turnaround they think can be made with this team. The proof will be in the pudding, but how can things not get better from where they were? I think Doug Moss, for all the good he's done will be looking for new opportunities soon. 

I don't imagine any of this will quiet any of the detractors yet, but at least for us Coyote fans we get a glimpse of what the financing plan looks like...