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Coyote Tracks: Muttonchops Thursday June 10 Edition

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Jordan is a little under the weather so I'm back doing links for the day. Jordan requested the title, though I fail to recognize the importance of the scruffy sideburns. There's been some activity in COyote land what with resigning Scottie Upshall and all, and supposedly there was some other important thing that happened last night, but I'm having issues remembering what that was exactly... hmm... oh well. To Los Liiiiinnnnks!

Coyotes manager rips Canadian media
The biggest article yesterday was out of Canada and was also quoted in the Phoenix Business Journal. GM Don Maloney went off, more or less on the Canadian media and what a total disgrace they've been (Our favorite Globe & Mail to be precise.) The article also says that Maloney won't be resigning Robert Lang or Mathieu Schneider

online video - channel 12 news video - arizona republic video - phoenix video
Don Maloney talks the offseason and Scottie Upshall. If you look on the right there are more Coyotes vids to keep you occupied. 

Ice Edge hires HighGround for Phoenix PR - Phoenix Business Journal
They've hired the firm that does a lot of high profile events and the City of Tucson, SRP, Maricopa County and DMB Associates. 

The Canadian Press: Phoenix Coyotes re-sign Upshall to 1-year contract; still rehabbing from surgery
Just a quick blurb about the contract and resigning Scottie. Hooray!


Ethical sports blogging... is it on the decline? - On the Forecheck
What burden does a blogger have to ensure that "news" being broken is accurate, compared to the opportunity to draw traffic with sensational headlines?