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Coyote Tracks - It's June Already?!? Tuesday June 1 Edition

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Ok, I have had no time to look at hockey news all weekend.  And considering that without the Roy Halladay perfect game on Saturday and a very solid round of golf, this may have been the worst sports weekend in my recent memory.

So no links for this morning...with apologies.  And a promise to have some stuff up tomorrow morning.  But use this as an open thread if you have any news or anything you want to discuss.

Ok, link:

$25 mil moved from Glendale fund to cover Phoenix Coyotes pledge
I think this might've been something that we've already linked to, but it's been making some rounds on the Twitterverse this morning.  Not sure when/if we will see a Goldwater challenge, but I'm sure they are thinking about it.

Ok, tomorrow morning, more links, more news, more cheer...