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Phoenix Coyotes Funding OR Why David Shoalts and Phil Lieberman are Full of Crap

So today our most favoritest hockey "writer" Davy Shoalts wrote all about how Council Lieberman was up in arms about this Community Funding District and what it means and how Glendale is in the hole and couldn't possibly put up any taxpayer money for the team. He reportedly said how the didn't understand how this districts were used or made, and that they couldn't be on the hook for any of this.

There's one giant gaping hole in that logic though. You see Phil Lieberman was the only member of the City Council that voted to use these districts twice. That's right. He voted for Jerry Reinsdorf's proposal that had one in it AND for Ice Edge's original proposal as well. What's so complicated about that now buddy? What you're basically saying is that you don't get how this works, but you went ahead and voted for it last time anyhow? Do you somehow have less information than you did the last time you voted for it? I really just don't understand how that's even possible. 

Bob from Western Hockey Exchange does a great job of pointing out the nuts and bolts of what's going on here so I suggest you take a read. But basically only one thing has changed. The Community Funding District would have to be created no matter what and if the City can't get on the ball with Ice Edge then the CFD just pays the NHL while it plays here in Glendale for another season. I don't understand the difference. But then I never understood why one group using the mechanism was alright (Reinsdorf) and then it wasn't alright for another group to use the exact same thing. (Ice Edge)

Basically my point is this. If people go on Tuesday and Lieberman starts going on and on about these districts be sure to point out to him how crazy he is. That goes for the rest of the City Counsel too.