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Coyote Tracks - Cinco de Mayo Edition

No, really, Sheriff Joe, I have my papers...they are right here in my need to call all of these deputies over to search me.  For those that have somehow missed the Arizona debacle that is SB 1070, I will spare you...and I don't want to start a political debate on the site, so let's just leave this here.  But I will say, whether you think the bill is good or bad, Los Suns have some balls...and that is awesome.  Good luck Suns beating those San Antonio Spurs in game 2 tonight...

Yesterday I mentioned that Travis and I have been discussing some ideas for our summer Coyotes coverage, and hopefully we will start seeing those articles hitting these pages soon.  That being said, if there is something that you'd like to see us do here at Five For Howling, leave us a note in the comments.  Whether it's player evaluations, free agent scenarios, explaining obscure hockey rules (for the newbie Hockey fan), whatever.  Place your request in the comments and we will look to get you the information you need...we aim to please :)

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PIT 2 - MTL 0 (Pittsburgh leads series 2-1); SJ 4 - DET 3 (OT) (San Jose leads series 3-0)

So, yeah, last night happened.  Where has this Joe Thornton been in past postseasons or Olympics or really any game that matters in the past.  Impressive play on his unassisted goal and to lead the 2-on-1 that ended the game in OT.  Red Wings will need a miracle to survive this round...Sharks looking to stave off the playoff disappointments for another round.  Meanwhile, Marc-Andre Fleury made some huge saves down the stretch as Pittsburgh won a tight game in Montreal.  All of these series have continued to be super entertaining.  I know the Coyotes are out, but what a great year it's been for playoff hockey...

After the jump, some notes about the Coyotes future ownership, what they need to do to succeed next year, a little more on the Mike Green media issue, the MSM gets punked by hockey satire...just keep reading folks.

No deadline for Coyotes sale: Bettman | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun
Could the seemingly never-ending saga of the Phoenix Coyotes sale be coming to a close? Definitely … maybe, according to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Phoenix's next step -
Chris Nichols examines some of those FA issues that we have been covering in drips and drabs around here.

So Long..Farewell..Sigh | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
PuckGal resurfaces from her depressed stupor to say thank you to a bunch of folks for this last year...

Viewership, Revenues up for 2010 NHL Playoffs
USA Today is reporting that U.S. viewership of the 2010 NHL playoffs is up a whopping 24 percent, making the number the largest average audience in the past 10 years. In addition, the NHL noted that corporate sponsorship is up 20 percent and that ad spending on NHL media increased by 37 percent over last season.

NHL Picking Up Momentum -- NHL FanHouse
Wanna hear a secret? Hockey is hot? No, really. The National Hockey League is a big-time deal again. Maybe not Justin Bieber hot, but hot...

Paul Kelly, College Hockey Inc: "...the option to play NCAA hockey is in most instances, the smarter and better course of action." - From The Rink
A candid conversation with the Director of College Hockey, Inc, Paul Kelly in which he discusses expansion, the CHL, and increased media attention.

On Frozen Blog › Maybe, Just Maybe, a Game’s Immediate Aftermath Isn’t Necessarily the Best Time for Reflection
A follow-up on the Mike Green issue that I discussed's interesting to hear another take on it, and see the comments.  I think people have valid points all around, but I'm just not so quick to jump on a guy that generally seems like a good kid who has made a point of being media available all-year.

HBO Broad Street Bullies Documentary: Advance review - Broad Street Hockey
I know not everyone here is a Flyers fan...heck, I'm guessing almost all of you hate the Flyers to some extent, but by all accounts (Puck Daddy as well), the Broad Street Bullies doc is a good watch on a fascinating era of old time hockey.  I missed the premier last night (busy watching Lost), but I will be catching it this week for sure...

Ok, whole lotta whimsy for your Cinco de Mayo...

First, this was all over Twitter yesterday, but the MSM was caught citing some hilarious satire that revolves around the ever-present Kyle Wellwood is fat meme...

MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL: Our Satire Picked Up As A News Item By MSNBC | Hockey Independent
That's a pretty good summary of what happened. 

Canucks Players Plan Chicago Pizza Crawl, Get Fined - News-
And here is the web-cached version of the MSNBC story before it finally got pulled off the web.  Really funny stuff here.

Joe Pavelski Photoshop Expo - Fear The Fin
It's not quite DoanFace, but Joe Pavelski's performance through the first 2 rounds definitely earns him some serious photoshop love...

NHL Players Moonlighting As The Green Men? : Blades Of Funny
As they admit, it dies a bit at the end, but it's a good read up until that point...

Ok, if you see other links post them in the comments, if you've got stuff you want to know or want to see us study in the next few months, post it in the comments...heck if there are things you hate about the site and wish we would change, post it in the comments.