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Coyote Tracks - Tuesday May 4 Edition

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Hey now...sorry about the lack of links yesterday.  I got seriously dehydrated and worn out after a soccer game and pretty much passed out early.  No excuse, I realize, but alas...such is life.  The good news for you - lots of links for today!

Now, it's a bit light right now on hot Coyotes news...with the exception of an entry-level signing that we'll get to in a bit.  But I went to dinner with Travis on Saturday and we were discussing some stuff that we'll be working up over the next few weeks leading into the draft and free agency and everything else.  So know that we will be here for all your Coyotes needs throughout the offseason...and perhaps even some look-backs at some of the great moments from this season this beauty:

That's right...Adrian Aucoin as the Closer...5 straight shootout goals, all winners.  Simply amazing stuff.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHL 2 - BOS 3 (Boston leads series 2-0); VAN 2 - CHI 4 (Series tied at 1)

After the jump, winning fans in the valley, Coyotes off-season moves and required signings, more...

Twitter / Dave Strader: Game 7 ratings on FS AZ Co ...
Game 7 ratings on FS AZ Coyotes-Red Wings: 4.21 rating, 7 share. Translates to over 75,000 homes & proof this team CAN be relevant in Phx!  The first I've seen of the Game 7 ratings numbers...fantastic stuff!  Further proof that this team will succeed here in Phoenix.

And good on the Coyotes to get right on getting ready for next year by signing Maxim Goncharov to an entry level deal.  By all accounts, he is ready to play in the NHL and should provide added depth to our already strong defense.

Phoenix Coyotes' Don Maloney has tall task
Goncharov may be even more important if the Coyotes are unable to resign Zbynek Michalek.  I'd love to say that this will get done, but these quotes don't leave me feeling quite as confident.  The good thing is that you know GMDM realizes his importance and will do all in his power to get him resigned.

The Hockey News: Rumor Roundup: Rumor Roundup: Cap trap
What changes are coming in Washington?; Dan Ellis ready to move on; Jagr staying in Russia; and more.  More of what we know.  It's interesting to see all the outside perspectives on who needs to be resigned... blogs - Ice Chips - JimGintonio - Maloney, Tippett offer views on 'success'
By all accounts it was a great year for the Coyotes, but I'm encouraged that everyone in the organization appears to believe that it's just a baby step to greater things...

Postseason Report: Coyotes repeat easier said than done
Financial obstacles remain as Coyotes attempt to rebuild on record-setting season.

Picks, Coyote Tix and Quick Hits | Bourne's Blog
Justin Bourne's take on the second round and some thoughts about Coyotes tickets.  Can't say I disagree...we need to get these things straightened out sooner rather than later, especially to keep folks like this guy below on board...

The (Happily) Trapped Fan: You Almost Have Me, Coyotes | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
I believe that I am not alone in the way I feel about hockey and the Coyotes. It has been years since they were relevant (aside from having Wayne Gretzky as part of the organization). They moved far away. They have changed players too often to count. They have just been bad.  But he's ready to give the team more attention...

Phoenix Coyotes reach out with Thwapr -- reporting from the Jock-o-sphere - ESPN
In a year filled with turmoil over bankruptcy, the Phoenix Coyotes are willing to try a lot of things to please their fans, including being the first to use Thwapr's mobile video-sharing platform.

The Best Forwards In The NHL - Tough Minutes Edition - The Copper & Blue
The best of the best - a look at the forwards that play the toughest competition and outscore them.  It won't be a surprise to anyone here that Martin Hanzal makes this list...

2010 NHL playoffs -- Will Detroit Red Wings rebound from rare 2-0 series deficit? - ESPN
I like the idea that the Coyotes could be responsible for a 2nd round Red Wings flameout.  Not that I really am pro-Sharks, but the Coyotes fought the Red Wings hard for 7 games...I'm not surprised that it has worn on them as they've faced a tough San Jose team.

Mike Green speaks about Capitals' Round 1 loss - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
Now a lot of folks were all over MIke Green about his refusal to speak with the media after Washington's loss in Game 7 or when the team cleaned out their lockers...but Green spoke with the media yesterday and had some interesting things to say.  Puck Daddy had some interesting words on it as well:

Mike Green(notes) Speaks! He's on Washington Capitals Web site video and keep an eye on Capitals Insider for me. Said he had wrist issues, which will keep him off Team Canada for world championships. Why didn't he speak to reporters after Game 7 or at media day 48 hours later? He was too angry and upset, was worried about saying the wrong thing. It's called "maturity" ...

Based on Green's answer, I'd say he actually acted in a mature manner by waiting to speak, not letting his immediate emotions lead him to say something that he regrets.  Sidney Crosby is remarkably adept at handling the media and it comes from the fact that he's been in front of the camera since he was about 14 and being hailed as the next Gretzky.  Green's approach might bother certain media types, and he will need to get better about being accessible, but I don't fault him for wanting to avoid saying something rash in the aftermath of the Caps loss.  Good on him to make good on that, albeit after the fact.

The Hockey News: Adam Proteau's Blog: Playoff Blog: Claude Lemieux's playoff performances incomparable
An agitator in his time, Lemieux is unlike Sean Avery or Matt Cooke because of the statistics he piled up along the way.  A great article here on a guy that we sometimes forget really performed big in big situations.

Did someone say whimsy?  Here you go:

Brooks Laich: Better than the Habs, Even in Defeat - Pension Plan Puppets

The 10 most fascinating Stanley Cup playoff beards (so far) - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports