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Coyotes Tracks- Memorial Day/Weekend Bullet Points!

 •   Listening to radio shows, watching sportscasters,  or reading the newspaper, you'd swear the Chicago Blackhawks were in for a cakewalk against a Flyers team that seems to be forever in flux.  Not the case, as the multi-faceted Flyers flexed their guns only to fall short in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals, 6-5.  If this is any indication of things to come, we'd all better buy stock in Orville Redenbacher. ESPN's recap of the game can be found here.


• In groan-worthy news, Gary Bettman cements his lips to Sidney Crosby's rear end by announcing that Pittsburgh will host one of the Winter Classic games next year.  Many teeth are clenched. Many walls are punched.



( Insert your own sunglasses joke. )

 •  The Coyotes will play an exhibition game against Dinamo Riga of the KHL on october 6th, as part of the NHL Premiere Challenge.  Three words : WE better win. The Dinamo ( Dynamo?!) teams have storied histories, and I personally grew up rooting for a little goalie by the name of Arturs Irbe before he set foot in an NHL rink.  Anyone want to take us along?  We'll tape sticks and wash jocks.  Okay, we'll tape sticks.  No jocks. Gross.

 After the jump, more ramblings from around the hockeysphere. 


 •  Gary Bettman preaches more patience for Winnipeg.  Blah blah blah we're all fat and can't skate.


•   The scouting combine was in full effect, and in case you haven't heard, we have TWO first round picks.  Number 13 and number 25.  Should you be excited?  Yes. Yes you should. 


•    Do you like Metallica?  Do you like goalie helmets?  If you answered 'YES!" to both of these, Jason LaBarbera's artist David Leroux  has a brand new all-Metallica themed creation for you to drool over.


That's all for now, kids.  Updates as we get 'em.