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Coyote Tracks - Oh Thank God It's Almost Here TGIF May 28 Edition

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The long Memorial Day weekend is just about upon us...and with the BBQ and beers will come the first two games of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals from Chicago.  I truly believe if the Flyers can take a game in Chicago in this first weekend, they will win the Stanley Cup.  We'll see how it breaks down.

Tough, tough loss for the Phoenix Suns last night...I'm not a big basketball fan, but that one really stung (particularly being out to eat with 3 20-something female Lakers "fans" sitting behind me squealing as Artest hit that game winning shot)...truth be told, though, I didn't think the Suns could win 4 straight, but now they have to know that they can win in LA (I mean the bench didn't show up at all in the first half when LA got up by 16)...I won't be watching game 6 live as it conflicts with Flyers-Blackhawks, but I'll be checking my phone for frequent updates...

After the jump, more finals previews, D-backs attendance issues (it's not just a Coyotes thing), and a little more info on the $25 million escrow account...

Stanley Cup Final Preview Part 1: Chicago Blackhawks Q&A - From The Rink
How do Chicago fans feel about their chances to win the Stanley Cup? Preview the Cup Final with SBN's Blackhawks blogger.

Tale of the Tape: Blackhawks v. Flyers - The Globe and Mail
A look at how the Stanley Cup finalists match up in all the key areas

How did the 18th-place Flyers make the finals? - The Globe and Mail
A statistical breakdown of what Philadelphia's done in the playoffs – and their chances of winning it all (Mirtle was on fire with his articles yesterday breaking things down...his tweets about the Coyotes situation left more to be desired...and, no James (if you're reading), I don't want smoke blown up my ass, just an honest evaluation of what's being presented as opposed to the doom and gloom that Resnik and Shoalts are always selling).

Glendale puts $25M into Phoenix Coyotes escrow account
Here's the news report that got Resnik and Mirtle in a bit of a tizzy... blogs - Brahm Resnik blog - Brahm1700 - Time for an intervention
And here's Brahm's complete over-reaction, in my opinion.  I don't still seems to me that all we're hearing is that the city is on schedule to present an ownership group within the time deadlines that were established by the league.  When a new owner takes over, they are responsible for any potential losses and the $25 million is moot.  Do I wish the deal was already done, sure.  But as someone that practiced transactional law for 2.5 years and never dealt with a transaction nearly as complex or expensive as this, it doesn't surprise me that it hasn't been completed yet.  It's really not as simple as someone coming in and saying I want the team and I have $165 million in funding to pay for it.  Let's hold off on the doomsday, Coyotes are moving to Winnipeg, KC, Vegas, wherever discussions until they start missing the deadlines they have put in place....

End of ownership rant...back to Stanley Cup preview....

Chicago vs. Philadelphia: Who has bigger home-ice advantage? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
I realize it is a bit of a joke, but it is interesting to note that the Flyers are 7-1 on home ice these playoffs and Chicago is 5-3.  Of course, Chicago is 7-1 on the road this year...this series just looks like it is going to be a lot of fun...

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp ready to face former team in Stanley Cup finals - ESPN Chicago

The House That Glanville Built: Familiar Foes

Unable To Get There Together, Joel Quenneville And Chris Pronger Meet As Foes In Cup Finals - From The Rink
A bunch of former teammates are going to be squaring up against each other in the finals...

2010 Stanley Cup Finals: Four odd predictions for the finals - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
I like the offbeat predictions...far more interesting than the trite Chicago in 6 prediction we keep seeing everywhere.

Chicago vs. Philadelphia: Who has the better forwards? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Both teams have incredible depth up's certainly hard to say one or the other are clear favorites....

My reasons why Flyers can beat Hawks - NHL - ESPN
The Stanley Cup finals are here, and they have a familiar look to them. Yes, Bucci's preseason matchup has come to fruition and he's got his reasons for a parade in Philly.

In his latest blog, Dave Vest writes about the NHL Scouting Combine, the Stanley Cup Final and his favorite hockey movies.

Attendance slows for Arizona Diamondbacks - Phoenix Business Journal
Again, for those that want to knock the Coyotes attendance numbers...if you are not winning, you will not draw fans in Phoenix...

And finally, the NHL continues their string of outstanding advertisements this postseason...





Enjoy the games this weekend everyone.