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Coyote Tracks - Beat LA!!! Wednesday May 26 Edition

Very, very, very little Coyotes news little in fact, that we'll start with the far more important Phoenix storyline...the Phoenix Suns, led by reknowned hockey fan, and hockey player-esque Steve Nash, beat the Los Angeles Lakers to even their playoff series at 2 last night.  It was a fun game to watch as the Suns lit things up in the second quarter and for a stretch of the 4th, raining 3s down on a hapless Lakers team.  The Suns still need to go into LA and win at least 1 game to take this series, but anything is possible, right?!?  For all of your Suns needs, make sure to check out Bright Side of the Sun, our SB Nation Suns is an excellent, excellent resource.

The Phoenix Coyotes released their first of 4 season recap videos, and it is quite a treat...

2010 Stanley Cup finals: What this series means for both teams - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
Pro Hockey Talk looks at what the Stanley Cup finals will mean to both the Flyers and the Blackhawks

2010 Stanley Cup Finals: Who's the Conn Smythe favorite? - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
And gives us an early line on your Conn Smythe likelies...

Hopefully the hockey world will be abuzz with something concerning the Coyotes or the finals or just something worth delving into tomorrow.  Got links?  Add 'em to the comments!