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Coyote Tracks - TGIF May 21 Edition

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No intro needed here, let's get right to it.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORE:  Flyers 1 - Canadiens 5 (Philadelphia leads series 2-1)

The Montreal Canadiens ensured that the Eastern Conference Finals will be a series by blasting the Philadelphia Flyers last night, 5-1.  Is this the start of another Canadiens comeback, or will the Flyers manage to succeed in retaking control of the series where the Capitals and Penguins failed.  Only time will tell of course.  Montreal seemed to get all the bounces all night and generally outworked the Flyers from the opening draw until the final horn.  Can't say that having your top power play unit out there on a 5-on-3 with 40 seconds left while up by 3 really sits well, but if the Flyers were offended they'll have to take out their frustrations on Saturday. 

Tonight the Blackhawks and Sharks are back in action in Chicago as the Sharks look to avoid dropping in a 3-0 hole themselves.

After the jump, details remain murky regarding a third ownership group, Facebook thwarts Philadelphia vandals, lots and lots of whimsy (it is Friday after all)...

Details skimpy on Coyotes’ ‘third gunman’ - Phoenix Business Journal
So really no news here, just more of the same.  As always, when we hear something, we'll get it up asap.

Several key prospects in the Coyotes organization enhanced their skills in 2009-10 while playing for the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL.

Montreal writer finds Philly vandal on Facebook | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/20/2010
Pat Hickey, a writer for the Montreal Gazette, said Thursday he has found the man who vandalized his car while he was covering Game One of the Flyers-Canadiens playoff series at the Wachovia Center Sunday night.  This is just kinda funny...

The psychology that goes into playing a Game 7 - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Justin Bourne with a look at what it takes to play in a game 7...

The Hockey News: Justin Bourne's Blog: Justin Bourne's Blog: What it means to 'play through the pain'
And also about playing through injuries.  Bourne has been everywhere recently and his stuff really is top notch.  I hope you are reading it regularly...

Who need goaltending more, bubble teams or contenders? - From The Rink
Superstar NHL goalies can command salaries of $6 - 7 million, but do they provide equal value to bubble teams and contenders? Or is cap space more valuable for a balanced roster? A look at the different value of goaltending.

What do you do when your NHL team falls out of playoffs? - From The Rink
NHL fans mourn their team's passing out of playoffs in different ways. Which one do you do?  Adopt the Coyotes...duh!

Swede to become NHL's first European official - - News
Marcus Vinnerborg will become the first European-trained official to join the NHL officiating staff next season.

Alright, I said we have lots of whimsy, so here goes...

Videos Posted by Muppets: LOST Slapdown, Part 16 [HD] | Facebook
Alright, this really has nothing to do with hockey...but I love Lost, and I love the Muppets.  Put them together and it's just all win.

The good folks at PPP are making contributions to those players that attempted to end the Canadiens season.  Hopefully the Flyers will be getting a bit more in the mail...

No Habs No! - Craig Adams - Pension Plan Puppets

No Habs No! - Evgeni Malkin - Pension Plan Puppets

No Habs No! - Sergei Gonchar - Pension Plan Puppets

Flyers-Canadiens Eastern Conference Finals Series Highlights | TAUNTR.COM
The Philadelphia Flyers worked the Montreal Canadiens in the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals. Tauntr looked at just how easy the Flyers made it look.  Obviously the tide was turned a bit last night...

Down Goes Brown: Like a Bettman: What does Gary do all day? - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
Finally, I never liked "Like a Boss" as much as some of the other Lonely Island tracks, but this is downright awesome...

Ghost or Travis will get some links up this weekend.  If we hear anything about ownership, we'll get that up as well...and we might even start the Coyotes Player Report Cards...until then, this is your open thread.  Enjoy!