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Coyote Tracks - Ole Ole Ole Ole Thursday May 20 Edition

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The Eastern Conference Finals get back into action tonight as the Flyers head into Montreal to try and prevent the Ole Ole chants from getting started.  Michael Leighton is riding a 165+ minute shutout streak dating back to the first period of game 7 against Boston and the Flyers look to take a commanding (albeit not insurmountable) 3-0 series lead. 

For those multi-sport fans, yesterday was a mixed bag for the Arizona teams as the Suns did not look good against the Lakers, dropping the second game of the Western Conference Finals...but the D-backs bullpen was able to hold a 12 run lead as they beat the Giants.

Seriously no Coyotes news of interest yesterday.  Nothing, zilch, nada.  Good thing that we have some year in review type stuff that we are getting set to run (hopefully) by next week. 

In fact, there was very little hockey news of any type.  But fear not, the internet always provides something to read. 

Keeping his son’s voice alive, Brian Burke joins fight against homophobia - The Globe and Mail
Proving that the G&M does occasionally pen an article that is worthy of all the journalism awards it seems to win, here is a great story about the advocacy work Brian Burke is taking on in memory of his late son Brendan.

What about Bailey? - The Globe and Mail
But let's not praise the G&M too far.  It may not be hockey related, but the G&M roots out the anti-Canadian sentiment everywhere...including this upcoming documentary from the BBC about Usain Bolt and the world's fastest men.

Twitter / David Shoalts: Which one is the Coyotes? ...
And what would any discussion of the G&M be without a comment from everyone's favorite hack journalist who just can't help himself with his anti-Coyotes missives.

Twitter / Eric Duhatschek: Three words for Mr. D Shoa ...
What's truly fantastic is that even other G&M reporters have had just about enough from Mr. Shoalts.  [s/t to @mirtle for pointing out that Duhatschek and Shoalts were coming to Twitter was very entertaining]

Lessons Learned - Puck Worlds
The playoffs are set, and half the teams at the 2010 IIHF World Championships are done. Here's a look back at what we've learned so far, and who has shone the brightest.  A very good analysis of the early results from the World Championhips...

Senators in the red for second straight season - Local - Ottawa Business Journal
So one year without making the playoffs in Ottawa can impede their season ticket sales so much they don't earn money...imagine what 8 consecutive seasons without making the playoffs might do.  Better move them to a large Canadian metropolitan area to ensure future profits...oh, wait....

Down Goes Brown: Why are the Ottawa Senators losing money? - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
Of course, our friends at DGB have provided some solid reasons as to why Ottawa struggles so badly to stay in the black...

From The Mind Of Vladimir Sharapov : Blades Of Funny
I just don't really know what to say about this....good times!