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Coyotes Tracks for Sunday, May 2nd : Callin' It In.


               Not a lot of news to report on this weekend, and since our families aren't used to us disappearing and being enamored with playoff hockey on a regular basis, they staged an intervention with the FFH Staff and we've all had to check into family-spending-time rehab.  It's pretty bad, for myself. Yesterday, my father had his birthday, and he had the audacity to ask if I'd go eat dinner with him and my mother.  What, and miss hockey?!  Psheesh.   Next thing you know, they're going to want to hang out with me all the darn time. Gotta re-train these families here in AZ if we're going to get used to this mysterious love of the playoffs.  Oh, and these people keep calling us, claiming they are 'our bosses' at things called 'jobs'.  Who are these jerkwads?


Coyotes Food For Thought Of the week:  If we're no longer going to be the "Phoenix" Coyotes, and instead the 'AZ" Coyotes", does this mean we get all new jerseys?  Can we put some input in on this?  As classic as the maroon is, I'm bored with it.  All the players love the black one, even ignoring the roadkill logo.  I mean, we WILL have to lose this:


Why not make something fresh and new?  What do you think?  First one to photoshop some new jersey ideas gets a used copy of  the AZ Central Living section, minus the crosswords.


Moving on.........



  In other hockey news......


-   Montreal tied up their series with Pittsburgh by stealing one on the road today, 3-1. Mike Calamari  Cama-...(however you spell  his last name. Eheeh!) had 2 goals,  temorarily putting him in a tie with San Jose's Joe Lebowski ( I'm doing this on purpose) for most in the Playoffs. 


   - The Frogs  Canucks surprised a lot of people by taking out Chicago last night 5-1.  Not surprised : People from Vancouver.  I'll give it up. Those Sedin twins, as creepy as they may be, sure can sling the biscuit.  But don't tell me how wonderful their goalie Borat is, because I'm less than impressed with the season he's had.  Then again, I'm originally from San Jose, and the same can be said for Nabokov.  Put him out to pasture.




I'm off to watch the end of the San Jose / Detroit game, and Jord should be back bright and early ( 3 am) with your Monday headlines.  The "Halo: Reach" beta comes out tonight, so I'll be glued to my Xbox for the next week.  Get your photoshops in, and we'll make a big ol' post this week once we have enough submissions.    Oh, and so you don't think I'm totally lazy ( I've been busy, I swear!), I'll have my long-winded thank you post sometime this week.  See ya soon, kiddos.