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Coyote Tracks - Thank God There's Hockey Tonight Tuesday May 18 Edition

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. last night, no hockey thanks to the geniuses that schedule the NHL playoffs.  Tonight we get a double-dip with Philly-Montreal followed by San Jose-Chicago in the night-cap.  Will Philly and Chicago grab 2-0 series leads, or will we get a repeat of the opening round and see both series go to 1-1.  Should be an exciting night for hockey.

In the hockey void, some of you surely watched the Suns get shellacked by the Lakers last night.  Personally, I'm glad that our DVR was taping 2 things at the time and I was "forced" to watch a taped Modern Family episode instead.  For those that avoided the basketball, the D-backs had a fine showing in Atlanta and the Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN was pretty exciting.  But it sure wasn't hockey, and tonight should be a much better night of tv watching.

After the jump, who is Canada's team going forward in the playoffs, who should get the Conn Smythe, Justin Bourne's take on matching lines, more Coyotes ownership drama, and more...

I Haz a Pack?!? " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
First and foremost, belated congratulations to @Yotesgurl for winning the Coyotes' Leader of the Pack Award.  For those that know Amy Jo it was a well deserved honor and one that she will no doubt earn again next year unless they force her to give it to someone else...

NHL’s Paul Bissonnette: I’m not gay – Outsports
I'm going to pretty much leave this for what it is because I just don't really care and don't think it's our business to rumor-monger.  That being said, it's been floating across the interwebs and figured I'd at least let people see what the story is all about.

Phoenix Coyotes Update: Goldwater Institute Not Ready to Sue Just Yet - Phoenix News - Valley Fever
Oh, Goldwater amuse me...

Playoff Burnouts: What The Teams Who Lost Need To Work On " PUCK U
Can't say that there's much to disagree with here.  The Coyotes' biggest need of course will be to re-sign all of these darn free agents.  Adding a solid offensive goal scorer might also help, but having Wolski, Upshall and Stempniak(?) around for an entire season might just cure some of those problems.

Who deserves the Conn Smythe? - The Globe and Mail
The Globe's team of hockey writers cast their ballots for the most valuable player of the NHL playoffs (so far)

On matching lines, abandoning strengths and the playoffs - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Justin Bourne on the dangers of following a strict line-matching philosophy...

Canada’s team? - The Globe and Mail
2 articles from the G&M, something must be wrong with me today...but an interesting take on why the Flyers may just be Canada's team with 13 Canucks on their roster...

Does Flyers' Game 1 rout hint at stronger Cup chance for East? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
More good stuff from Justin, I wish that guy had his own blog or something ;-p

Scoring Chance Details for Canadiens-Penguins - Behind The Net
A real good analysis of the bizarro series that was Canadiens-Penguins and why the numbers don't necessarily bode well for the Canadiens going forward, perhaps...

Down Goes Brown: Boston Bruins excuses - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
And because it's only Tuesday, some whimsy to start your week.