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Coyote Tracks - TGIF May 14 Edition

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No hockey last night...not cool.  We're getting to the point where there are off days where there is no hockey...soon we will be at the point where there is just no hockey.  This is the sad part of the year, the end of another season of hockey.  At least tonight we get Game 7 between the Flyers and Bruins as the Flyers try to become just the third team in NHL history to come back from a 0-3 series hole to win a series.  It would be poetic for Boston to be at the receiving end of this after they became so darn irritating after's hoping.

Also poetic about a Flyers win...1-2 seeds playing for the Western Conference Finals, 7-8 seeds in the East.  Everyone will assume that the Western champ will just walk away with the Cup, and then the East champ will probably win the series...good times.

Anyways, the big news for the Coyotes yesterday was that GMDM at least has some authority to do something as this happened:

Canes Acquire Jared Staal from Phoenix Coyotes - Carolina Hurricanes - News
The Carolina Hurricanes have acquired the rights to Jared Staal from Phoenix in exchange for a fifth-round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.  Apparently the Canes are going for the acquire more Staals method.  From what I've heard, though, Jared is the red-headed stepchild Staal.  As we always like to say around these parts...In GMDM we trust.

After the jump, looking at Coyotes team awards, more from Winnipeg, Phoenix scum caught, whimsy and more...

The Phoenix Coyotes 2009-10 Season Awards Part 1 | Pro Sports Blogging
Can't really disagree with these.  Ilya Bryzgalov is by far the team MVP and no doubt Keith Yandle, Radim Vrbata and Adrian Aucoin all played huge roles in the team's success.

As we've said...we hope the NHL looks long and hard about getting a new team in Winnipeg.  Whether it will work or not, who knows?  I wouldn't personally want Don Cherry making any decisions for the franchise...

The case for Winnipeg - The Globe and Mail
Putting the Coyotes or another NHL team in the city must make business sense to Chipman, Thomson. 

Cherry on Winnipeg NHL team: I'll buy in
Don Cherry is willing to back his claim that Winnipeg can support an NHL franchise by putting up his own cash.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Hockey - Junior: Coyotes draftee unruffled
Matt Stone, a Coyotes prospect and Winnipeg native discusses the Memorial Cup chase and the possibilities of playing in his home town, or his soon-to-be adopted home town.

Coyotes junior prospects 2009-10 review - Hockey's Future
The Coyotes have seven CHL prospects. Three of the prospects have now been called up to the AHL...some more prospect talk...

Phoenix Man Accused of Forging Tickets
Scum selling forged tickets.  I don't know what the legal penalties are here, but god I hate crap like that.  What an awful way to ruin some kids day by scamming his parents on tickets.  Nice quick thinking from the woman here that allowed the police to catch this loser.

Now I’m REALLY upset with Gov. Brewer " My life of sports, y mas
As I've said before, I try and avoid the political discussion, but this guy has a really legitimate beef....this sucks.

Bloge Salming: The New NHL Dating Website
This video is pretty hyterical. 

Alright, Game 7 of Bruins-Flyers is at 4 local time on VS. and it should be a dandy.  Ghost and Travis will be here for the weekend and maybe I'll even drop in with a feature on the MOUs and some legal issues in light of possible Goldwater Institute shenanigans.