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Coyote Tracks - 7s are Wild Thursday May 13 Edition

Alrighty then.  I'd like to start today's links by saying a little something about what we've been talking about in all of the comment threads the last 2 days.  This is a Coyotes fan site.  We are passionate about the Phoenix Coyotes.  If you are coming here to tell us that we don't deserve a hockey team, that the team should be bought by Jim Balsillie, or moved back to Winnipeg, etc. are going to get it back in spades.  If you don't believe us when we say that we don't wish ill things towards the general population of Canada, well...then you don't believe us.  I suggest you go to a site that shares your beliefs.  There are plenty of me, I've been getting their headlines flooding through my Google Alert.

Now, if you want to talk future ownership of the Coyotes (in Phoenix!), merits of the CFD as a way to create more revenue streams for the team, etc., then by all means, let's discuss these things.  I'm hoping to spend some time this weekend re-reviewing the 2 MOUs that were released by the City of Glendale and evaluating some things.  Also, I want to look through the Arizona statutes regarding potential challenges that the Goldwater Institute may decide to bring.  All of these items are ripe for discussion.  But just rehashing tired cracks about the weather here and our "lack of hockey knowledge" or ability to skate, is just not worth our time and effort.

To that end as well, I would like to apologize for the potentially insensitive title to yesterday's links post.  It only takes one screaming idiot to make a bad name for everyone, and I unfairly took my anger at a few commentators out on the entire City of Winnipeg.  I don't have anything against Winnipegers (is that how you refer to yourselves?) in general, and as I feel like I say every day, all the best in your future endeavors to convince the NHL to expand the league by adding another team in your fair city.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, let's talk some hockey, eh?  What a night last night...

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  Canadiens 5 - Penguins 2 (Montreal wins series 4-3); Bruins 1 - Flyers 2 (Series tied at 3).

The Flyers become just the 6th team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 deficit to force a game 7, and yet, they are the secondary story from last night.  The #8 seed Montreal Canadiens do the unimaginable and not only win game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup Champions, but do it in convincing fashion by knocking Marc-Andre Fleury out of the game midway through the second period.  Mike Cammaleri continued his amazing post-season and Brian Gionta (the tiniest man in hockey) added a pair of tallies.  And following the game, the wonderful world of Twitter gave us @Montrealcopcar - hilarity ensued.

In the other series, the Flyers ensured that we still may see the first ever 7-8 seed Conference Finals matchup by winning their third consecutive game 2-1.  Mike Richards had a goal and an assist, and former back-up turned number 1 turned injured player, turned back-up, turned starter Michael Leighton had an unbelievable game in net.  Tuukka Rask even stopped a penalty shot midway through the third...Game 7 is Friday night and it looks like it should be a great one. 

After the jump, reactions to the Glendale City Council vote, and lots of whimsy...

Glendale approves millions for NHL; Bettman talks Winnipeg - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Puck Daddy gives his take on the Glendale vote with heavy quotes from various media sources...

Hell No, We Won’t Go | Hip Shot Blog
Well chalk another one up for the little guys. The Phoenix Coyotes fans just dodged another bullet in the battle to keep their team.  @coyoteshipcheck (who spoke eloquently at the meeting) chimes in with her take...

The Canucks Don’t Suck, The Coyotes…. EXIST! | Bourne's Blog
And the incomparable Justin Bourne provides his opinions.  As I think it is clear from my intro, I agree that the personal attacks from both sides are unwarranted and should just be left out of it.  We're all hockey fans here and we should focus on that first and foremost.

Analysis: Mainstream media again drops ball in Coyotes ownership sweepstakes
And a Jon Stewart-esque take on how the media has failed us with their coverage of the Coyotes ownership fiasco.  Can't really disagree here.

Alright, to the whimsy...

Questionnaire for Montreal believers - Behind The Net
Alright, Behind the Net is rarely pure whimsy, but this post had me laughing out loud...and as we've seen with past hot goalies at times, the regression to the mean may come at any moment.

No LOLungo here, These Are Serious Thoughts : Blades Of Funny
A more serious side of BoF...but there's still some good laughs to be had...

Down Goes Brown: The horrible truth behind Montreal's miracle run - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
The horror...